Passport, Visa, License and ID Photos

UK Passport x6

From our Studios in Crawley Down, East Grinstead West Sussex, we offer a full Passport, Visa & ID/License photography service both for adults, children and babies.

If you are looking for an ID / Visa photograph that isn’t catered for by the standard photo booths, or even if you just want a passport photograph that is a little more flattering than the machines have to offer, we can help.

When we take a Passport, Visa or ID/License photograph, we use the same high quality lighting and cameras that we would use on any of our portrait sessions for guaranteed results. Prices can be viewed and payments made via our on-line shop on this link –

We offer a while-u-wait service and will include all the images you need at your requested technical specification for your country using our state-of-the-art bi-metric software.

Passport Bookings

Biometric Scan Compliant

Our Software fully supports preparing biometric passport photos in accordance with ISO/IEC-standard 19794-5, based on the geometric standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
We have all the details and specifications necessary to create your passport photographs for a standard UK passport, UK IDs, UK Driving License and UK Gun License as you would expect, but also, we many of the technical specification necessary for other countries as well, in fact there are over 160 formats for 55 countries in our database with new specification entered all the time, for a full list please see below. If your country requirement is not listed then we can still shoot the pictures for you, we just need to know the technical specification to create the correct templates. At all times, you should allow plenty of time to obtain your photos and process with the applicable authorities, don’t leave them to the last minute!

DISCLAIMER: While we hold specifications and templates within our software for a number of countries, it remains the responsibility of the client at all times to be clear about the specification and requirements they need. We are not government or embassy officials and can not give official advise as to your specific requirements. Countries change their specifications for photos from time to time  and we can not be held responsible if you have requested an incorrect format or specification. We highly recommend that you contact the government or embassy responsible for the correct specification and number of copies required PRIOR to visiting our studio.


Our most popular bio-metric Passport and Visa specification countries are:-

  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • United States
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Bangladesh
  • Estonia
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Netherlands

It should be noted that this is a passport, Visa or ID photo session are not a portrait session, posing, backgrounds and lighting is strictly controlled by the authorities who issue the specification. The authorities are interested in the biometric digitisation of your face which is approved by scanning using advanced software, so please beware if other photography studios tell you that they provide you with a “choice of photos” and “digital enhancements” (which of course is not legal) – we are governed by the technical specification issued by the relevant country. Where we can add value (and often a saving in time with “retries”) is the quality of lighting, how best to position yourself for the most flattering image within the rules allowed and of course, when it comes to babies you don’t have to pay for the print before you find out it is technically wrong when using a passport booth in a shopping centre! We will continue taking photos until it is right!

We will select the correct image from the session and no others will be processed or submitted, you can of course view the images before they are printed – but be prepared – passport photos are not professional photography portraits! If you want additional copies of the images we can provide these for £5 per additional sheet. Payment is required at the time of booking unless paying by cash on the day (we do not accept cheques). Please use the button below to book and if paying cash on the day, please bring the correct cash amount if possible as we do not hold cash/change on the premises.

How to Book


We offer a while you wait service for all passport, visa, licenses and ID photos that are on our list below. We may be able to proicess other requirements that are not on the list but will need to produce them later from our office and forward the images on to you – the price will be different depending on what you need. To book, all you need to do is purchase the session or book over the phone if easier, subject to us being in the office of course. All sessions are by appointment, the session and printing usually takes about 15 minutes. If your photos are urgent, please phone to check that we have received your booking request, as we may be out the office shooting when it comes in, usually, it is best to give us a minimum of 24 hours notice, if you need it right now then phone to check we are around to help.


Passport Bookings

VisualChaos Studios of Crawley Down, East Grinstead, West Sussex, full passport photography service (including Baby and Children Passports), driving licenses, ID cards, and USA Visas.

|UK Passport Specification | USA Passport  & Visa Specification | Indian Passport & Visa SpecificationAustralia Passport & Visa Specification |

Full list of current Passport and Visa Specifications we hold and can shoot without further specification, if you requirements are not listed, please get in touch with your requirements. At all times, you should be clear about the specification you need for your requirements.

Passport, Visa ID coverage extends, but isn’t limited to, the following local areas:

crawley, gatwick, east grinstead, horley haywards heath, burstow, outwood, salfords, sidlow, charlwood, smallfield, newchapel, lingfield, edenbridge, blindley heath, dormansland, felbridge, copthorne, crawley down, rusper, kingsfold, faygate, ifield, three bridges, rowfant, bewbush,lambsgreen, colgate, roffey, warnham, pease pottage, maidenbower, worth, turners hill, kingscote, saint hill, sunnyside, west hoathly, sharpthorne, mannings heath, plumber plain, slaugham, staplefield, ardingly, highbrook, lower beeding, monks gate, ashurst wood, forest row, hartfield, wych cross, marsh green, den cross, cowden, nutley, fairwarp, lindfield, uckfield, coopers green, chailey, burgess hill, goddards green, hurstpierpoint, albourne, hickstead, twineham, sayers common, blackstone, wineham, cowfold, shermansbury, partridge green, west grinstead, shipley, dial post, ashurst, brighton, worthing, southwater, horsham, crabtree, five oaks, slinfold, broadbridge heath, bucks green, the haven, billinghurst, coolham, barns green, warnham, rowhook, rudgewick, wallis wood, cranleigh, ewhurst, forest green, ockley, capel, coldharbour, holmwood, newdigate, parkgate, dorking, bletchworth,reigate, redhill, south nutfield, nutfield, godstone, hurst green, tandridge, oxted, limpsfield, crowhurst, bletchingly, south godstone,

Also, throughout Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and London


  • Passport (40×50 mm)


  • Bus & Taxi License (65×65 mm)
  • Child’s Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (40×50 mm)
  • Visa (37×37 mm)
  • Visa (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Visa (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Enterprise ID Card (20×20 mm)
  • ID Card (30×40 mm)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Social Club ID Card (20×20 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Citizenship (35×53 mm)
  • Firearms License (45×57 mm)
  • Passport (50×70 mm)
  • Permanent Resident Card (35×45 mm)
  • Personnel Screening (43×54 mm)
  • Visa (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (33×48 mm)
  • Visa (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)

Czech Republic

  • Driver License (35×45 mm)
  • ID Card (35×45 mm)
  • ID Card (Digital) (614×803 px)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Child’s Passport (under 11) (40×50 mm)
  • Passport (40×50 mm)


  • Passport (35×47 mm)
  • Visa (36×47 mm)


  • Child’s Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • AOK Elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK) (35×45 mm)
  • AOK Elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK) (135×172 px)
  • Child’s Passport (under 11) (35×45 mm)
  • Job Application (40×55 mm)
  • Job Application (40×60 mm)
  • Job Application (45×60 mm)
  • Job Application (50×70 mm)
  • Job Application (50×75 mm)
  • Job Application (50×80 mm)
  • Job Application (60×80 mm)
  • Job Application (60×90 mm)
  • Job Application (70×100 mm)
  • Job Application (70×110 mm)
  • Other ID Cards (35×45 mm)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Driver License (40×60 mm)
  • Ex Patriot (Omogenis) Card (27×29 mm)
  • ID Card (36×36 mm)
  • Military ID Card A (25×25 mm)
  • Military ID Card B (30×30 mm)
  • Military ID Card C (35×45 mm)
  • Military ID Card D (60×90 mm)
  • Passport (40×60 mm)
  • Student ID Card (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)

Hong Kong

  • Passport (40×50 mm)


  • OCI (51×51 mm)
  • Passport (35×35 mm)
  • Passport (40×40 mm)
  • Passport (50×50 mm)
  • Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) Card (35×35 mm)
  • Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) Card (50×50 mm)
  • Visa (35×45 mm)
  • Visa (50×50 mm)
  • Visa (online application) (600×600 px)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (2×2 “)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Passport (40×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Alien Registration (35×45 mm)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Visa (45×45 mm)


  • Child’s Passport (40×60 mm)
  • Passport (40×60 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×50 mm)


  • Passport (25×30 mm)
  • Student ID Card (35×45 mm)


  • ID Card (35×45 mm)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Child’s Passport (under 10) (35×45 mm)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)
  • SNF Passfoto-Service (1200×1600 px)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (40×60 mm)
  • Visa (40×60 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Child’s Passport (under 11) (35×45 mm)
  • Child’s Passport (under 5) (35×45 mm)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • ID Card (30×40 mm)


  • Domestic Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Driver License (30×40 mm)
  • ID card for retired persons (30×40 mm)
  • International Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Medical License (30×40 mm)
  • Other ID Cards A (35×45 mm)
  • Other ID Cards B (30×40 mm)
  • Pass Card (30×40 mm)
  • Soldier ID card (30×40 mm)
  • Student ID Card (30×40 mm)
  • Temporary Registration (30×40 mm)
  • Visa (30×40 mm)
  • Visa (35×45 mm)

Saudi Arabia

  • Visa (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • ID Card (50×50 mm)
  • Military ID Card (30×35 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)

South Africa

  • ID Card (29×34 mm)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Visa (35×45 mm)


  • ID Card (DNI) (25×32 mm)
  • Passport (25×32 mm)

Sri Lanka

  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Child’s Passport (under 11) (35×45 mm)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)


  • Visa (35×45 mm)
  • Visa (40×60 mm)
  • Work Permit (50×60 mm)


  • Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Passport (50×50 mm)
  • Passport (45×60 mm)
  • Passport (50×60 mm)


  • Domestic Passport (35×45 mm)
  • International Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Visa (35×45 mm)

United Kingdom

  • Construction Skills Register (300×350 px)
  • Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Visa (35×45 mm)

United States

  • DV-2013 Lottery (600×600 px)
  • Immigrant Visa (2×2 “)
  • Nonimmigrant Visa (2×2 “)
  • Passport (2×2 “)
  • Passport (online application) (900×900 px)
  • Visa (online application) (900×900 px)


  • Passport (40×60 mm)
  • Visa (35×45 mm)
  • Visa (40×60 mm)

Free Style

  • Free Style (20×30 mm)
  • Free Style (25×25 mm)
  • Free Style (30×30 mm)
  • Free Style (35×45 mm)
  • Free Style (40×50 mm)
  • Free Style (45×60 mm)
  • Free Style (50×70 mm)
  • Free Style (89×127 mm)
  • Free Style (102×152 mm

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