MAC Makeover Photography West Sussex

I treated myself to some brand new MAC palettes for my makeover boudoir photography.  OK, I already had a lot of make up but you can’t ever really have too much can you?  And anyway, these are sparkly so I fail to see how I was supposed to resist.

They are the ‘Amber Times 9’ eye shadow palette and the ‘Glimmer of Gold mineralize’ quad palette just to add a little extra sparkle. A lot of boudoir studios offer a black and silver smokey eye as standard and, while it can look lovely, it isn’t for everyone as it is a very strong look.   If you normally wear quite neutral colours, these are perfect to add still add drama, glamour and shine to your eyes without making you look like someone you’re not or sending you into shock.

I love MAC makeup for its high quality products and the amount of pigment they use in their products – it means that you can get a strong colour with just a light application so you don’t have to pile on the powder before you can see it is there and run the risk of powder settling into fine lines. Article by Sarah Fisher