It’s the 8th August and that can only mean one thing – it’s International Cat Day!  Your mind went straight there didn’t it?  Just me then…

Well, anyway, International Cat Day is a real thing designed to focus our attention on our feline buddies – not that they would let you forget about them – so make sure that you give your cat a little extra love and a little extra treat today to celebrate.

Our studio in Sussex is a great place for pet photography, whether you want to create a portrait session exclusively for your pet or include them as part of a family portrait. OK, cats aren’t the obvious choice for studio photo shoots but as you can see, we have done a few.  All pets welcome (not spiders – sorry.  Just can’t).

A studio photo shoot already includes your five favourite digital image that you choose from your online gallery and download at print quality.  So you already have an idea of what you are going to spend – although of course you’re welcome to order more if you like, there’s no sale meeting to grit your teeth and get through.  The cost for a photo shoot (inc five digital images) is £95.

Get out the grooming brush and get your pet camera ready!