boudoir photography sussex

Contrary to popular opinion, true boudoir isn’t about nudity.  It’s not necessarily even about lingerie really.  It’s about the tease, it’s about your inner sexy and it’s about showing you at your beautiful best – clothed or otherwise.

So if you’ve always liked the idea of a photo shoot, but you’ve been worried about being naked in front of a stranger or you don’t have an extensive, perfect lingerie collection then don’t let these be barriers for you.  Of course, you’re welcome to have photos taken in your underwear or even out  of it but the point I’d like to make is that you don’t have to.  You’ll still have a wonderful sexy set of images for the love in your life or just for yourself.

We have a range of fabrics that we can use in the studio to cover or reveal as much as you’re comfortable with, or we even have some flowing sheer and lacy dresses that are designed to flatter while still being flirty. You’re welcome to borrow these as well. Or, a simple man’s white shirt can look fantastic (OK, make a football shirt from his favourite team if you want to appeal to all the loves in his life!)

You only have to look at the word itself (coming from the French word for a lady’s private dressing room) to see that the photos are tasteful and nudity is implied rather than explicit.  Sensual, sexy and classy are the watchwords – even a glimpse of stocking top is enough to turn a portrait photo into a sexy boudoir pic!

So if you have parts of your body that you’re not feeling confident in sharing (and let’s face it ladies, most of us do) then don’t let that stop you enjoying the empowering and confidence building experience that a boudoir photo shoot has to offer.   Choose outfits that fit and flatter, cover the bits you don’t love and still know that your photos will knock the socks off the love in your life, and make you proud to look at again and again!

Article by Sarah Fisher