So weddings can be expensive things, I don’t think that’s too much of a secret and there can be pressure from lots of different areas to include this, that or the other in order to make your day perfect.

That’s great if you have an unlimited budget but who does really?  Not so many people… So here’s some ideas about how you can  save some money without having to cut budget in the really important places such as your photography…

Does it need to be a Weekend?   Many suppliers and venues will offer discounted packages if you’re happy to have your wedding in a weekday.  That might not be a great solution if you’re thinking of having a really large wedding as most people will find it easier to attend at a weekend date especially if they have to travel a bit to get to you.  Still, most people that care about you enough to come to your wedding will be happy to arrange to come on a weekday if you give them enough notice.

Think About Weddings You’ve Been To…  If you’ve been to a wedding and you really loved something that they had, then don’t be too shy to ask if they still have it and would they consider lending it to you?  Borrowing is a great way to keep your costs down and most people are happy to lend and be part of the big day – they can even make it their wedding gift to you so everyone wins!

Who Do you Know that is Talented? Do you have someone in your family who always makes amazing cakes?  Or bunting? Or has beautiful penmanship?  Or a really nice car (OK that’s not actually a talent but you get my drift).  Ask them to help you out and be a real part of your day – even if you sweeten the deal with wine or chocolate, you’ll still be getting a bargain as long as they’re genuinely happy to do it.

Wedding Favours – In or Out? It seems recently that these little gifts that used to be five sugared almonds on a place setting have got more and more elaborate.  Do you really need to do them?  Quite often, when we’re at weddings, they are left on the table at the end of the night which is a shame when brides and grooms have spent time, imagination and money on creating them. If you really want them, then think about combining them with something else – such as escort cards so you get a kind of ‘two for one’ deal…

Let your Guests Design your Play List – Love this idea! Include a card with your wedding invitation that you guests can use as their RSVP which also gives them the chance to nominate their favourite song for your wedding party playlist.  Less work for you and everyone gets to enjoy (and dance to) the music they love.  Of course you’re not duty bound to include everything if you really hate it but it can save some thinking time!

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