Image of a baby boy in the portrait studio

When this little chap first came into the studio, he had just woken up from a cosy car journey and he was understandably unsure about being thrust into the strange environment with the flashing lights and the mad-haired lady who kept hiding her face behind a big black camera (that is me, I’m not disparaging the state of anyone else’s hair!).  This is not an uncommon reaction with little ones in the studio, particularly after they reach a more aware age than a sleepy newborn.  Of course where it is possible, it is best to schedule a session so it doesn’t coincide with a nap time and babies are usually happier when they have full tummies but it’s not a precise science.  Generally I find that given a bit of time, patience and in dire cases even the singing of nursery rhymes , we manage between us to get everyone suitable settled to produce some great images.  I’ve been taking baby pictures for a really long time (I’m not saying how long ‘cos it makes me feel old) and there are lots of tricks to try.

If you’ve had a previous session anywhere when your baby has cried, or you’re worried about that happening if you book a session with us, the thing is to put those thoughts aside.  In 95% of sessions, we can get everything going along swimmingly and in the 5% where the baby just won’t settle, you are always welcome to reschedule for another time without losing one of your   Don’t let it put you off booking a session, your baby is only a baby for a very short time and you need to grab every chance to capture this wonderful stage  …Sarah