21655-0017 One of my favourite baby props in the studio (and we’ve built up quite a stock over the years) is the baby hammock. Yes, I know it sounds a bit weird but it just has a quirkiness that I really enjoy.  It is a two person job to lift it although we don’t lift it very high really, that part is just a bit of computer trickery – don’t think anyone would be comfortable hoisting a newborn four foot off the ground – so it does rely on having two pairs of hands present.

Plus, although it’s not popular with all babies (grown up size hammocks actually give me motion sickness so I can totally understand!) but if a baby loves to swing then usually they really enjoy it and this little lass was no exception.  Of course it is quite little so she’ll be far too big for it next time she visits us so I’m glad we managed to get her in it this time.