Baby Passport Photos in East Grinstead

Whatever you think about this rule, babies need to have their own passports now and therefore they need to have a passport photo.  OK, yes, they will look very different in five years time but still, if you are travelling, you need to get the picture taken and it has to conform to the same stringent biometric standards as the adult version.  No part of a supporting adult or seat can be in the photo or it will be automatically rejected by the passport office and the background light must be even with no shadowing which means that the photos can no longer be taken with your baby on the floor.

Try doing this in a photo booth and you could well end up having a bit of a nightmare and paying out for a few versions of the image before you get one that can be used so it is easier to get it done professionally.  We use the industry standard software that is constantly updated with the international standards and checked against them to make sure it is meets the requirements. You can see in the screen shot above the amount of things it checks and certifies for each picture taken – we’ve never had a photo rejected whilst using this software!

We can take passport photos of babies and children of any age (and adults too of course). However, our advice would be if you’re not travelling immediately after your baby is born, then it is simpler to wait until your baby can support their own head.  We can still take a photograph before your newborn has neck control but you will have to hold them in a very specific way supporting them safely whilst getting yourself out of the picture.  It’s not always something new parents find easy on the first attempt – we can definitely take care of it for you but if you can wait until they’ve passed this first developmental stage, then it is a little easier for you to safely support them.

Of course, the fact that we have to work to such defined standards means that you won’t always love your baby’s passport photos in terms of them being the most flattering image of your little one but they will be accepted by the relevant authorities which can save a lot of time and hassle during the application process.  We also offer a full range of baby and family portrait sessions that will create beautiful images of your baby that you can really enjoy so browse the website to find out more information on our family portrait services .

Just get in touch using the button below if you’d like to go ahead and book your passport or visa session or get in touch if you have any questions and we’re happy to help.

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Baby Passport Photos in East Grinstead

Passport photos are available by appointment only and cost £15 for the picture and one sheet – the amount of photos on the sheet varies on the passport / visa requirements but for a UK passport, you can fit four on a sheet.  Additional sheets or additional people at the same session cost £5 extra and you just need to bring along a memory stick if you require a digital copy of the image.