At what point should you book your bump portrait session?

Well really we want the biggest bump possible! So the response to when to book is as late as you can without running the risk of baby arriving before the shoot! Around 4 weeks before your due date is about perfect.

But that is simply a guide, and anywhere from 12 to 2 weeks before your due date will be okay too.

If you are having maternity leave, then you can certainly wait until stop working. This gives you a chance to be more chilled and enjoy the shoot instead of feeling like it has to be fitted in. There is always more studio availability in the week too, so you don’t have to cram in to the busy a weekend dates.

Additionally, you may want to do a “gender reveal” – where you use the images to announce the sex of your infant. You probably won’t discover this until your 20 week ultrasound scan. You will have a pretty good bump by then if you want to get the news out as early as you can.

Very artistic, nude or semi-nude or implied nude images may not be for you of course and are not compulsory naturally!  Just treat your session as a regular portrait session but just with a bump protruding above trousers and below shirts.

Makeover and hair styling is available should you want them as an additional extra.

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