Marilyn Monroe Queen of Boudoir

The undisputed queen of boudoir has to be Marilyn Monroe (OK, Dita Von Teese too but this story isn’t about her so…).  It’s rumoured that when Henri Cartier Bresson arrived at a photo shoot with her, he asked her to bless his camera.  Cheekily she pretended to sit on it and declared the job done!

Well that’s a lady with attitude and she’s a good girl to channel when you are at a boudoir photo shoot – not the slimmest, not arguably the most facially perfect, but undeniably and ultimately sexy, sexy, sexy.   And that comes down to attitude.  So it’s understandable to be nervous when you get to your boudoir shoot, it’s a new experience but after you’ve got used to it, just bring on out your inner Marilyn (we all have one!) and you can’t go far wrong.

OK – here’s some truths about boudoir that aren’t always evident from the photos that you see online.

Boudoir Photography – The Facts

It’s Not Easy.  In fact it’s quite a workout.  When you read about the salaries that the top models pull in, you wonder how they earn so much for just posing around in front of the camera.   The truth of the matter is that it is all about working hard in your shoot but making it look effortless – it’s a fun kind of work though – challenging and exciting to think about how you’re going to look amazing when you see your images.  When you’re in front of the camera, almost nothing about how you are sitting, standing or lying down will feel natural to begin with but we’re experts in guiding you through the poses that will make you look your absolute best.  It’s all about sticking it out, sucking it in and stretching it out in the name of getting those shots where you look knock out gorgeous.  As I always say in a session, if it feels weird, you’re probably doing it right.  It won’t be anything outside your physical limitations, but you’d be amazed at what a little posing tweak can do. Now, you don’t need to worry about any of this in the slightest but it’s only fair to give you the heads up – you might feel a little like you’ve just done a Pilates class in the morning.

Don’t Expect to Feel Sexy. Yep, you’re definitely going to look it in your finished pictures but getting them taken is not a feeling sexy experience.  What it is, is empowering.  You’re in the studio, probably in your lingerie, and that’s not fazing you.  You’re a little out of your comfort zone and you’re still making shapes and pulling poses in front of relative strangers and you’re making it look good.  So no you won’t feel sexy but you will definitely feel like a million dollars.

The Best Time to Do It is Now.  There’s no perfect time, there’s probably no time that you’re ever going to love your arms / hips / butt if you’ve never liked them before.  Don’t wait until you’ve lost that extra pound, until you’ve done those 50 crunches every day for a month, until you’re hair has grown a bit, insert any number of reasons for waiting here… If you’ve always fancied doing a boudoir photo shoot, then just do it.  You don’t need a special occasion to celebrate your inner goddess – do it, love it, love the photos!

Article by Sarah Fisher Boudoir Photography
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