There’s a difference between choosing underwear for you and for a photo shoot. What drives your other half wild in the bedroom (or wherever, I’m not judging), doesn’t always work in a studio environment. So, if you’re booking a boudoir photo shoot, it’s worth spending a little time making your selections (and maybe a little money depending on your current lingerie collection).

Article by Sarah Fisher
East Grinstead Boudoir Photo Shoots

First things first. You’ve got to love your choice of underwear. You’ve got to feel great wearing it and love it looks.  So if you’re reading the rest of this and thinking, ‘well I don’t want to wear that’, ignore me.

Depending on the variety in your knicker drawer, and I’m basing this on my own mainly practical selection, there’s some terminology it’s worth getting to grips with if you’re not already sure on the different lingerie types.

  • Teddies – These are a one piece underwear, a bit like a swimsuit.  They’re usually quite form-hugging and often have attached suspenders for your stockings.

  • Baby Doll – This is more like a short nightdress with a loose fitting skirt attached directly to the bra portion.  There are some that open at the front which is great if you want to show off your tummy, and some that don’t if you, well, don’t.

  • Corset – So these lace up the back or the front to create your shape via boning inside the garment.  I’m pretty sure that folk don’t actually use bone any more but plasticking doesnt sound as good.  Corsets usually cover your boobs (there’s loads of cleavage creating options) and reach down to the top of your knickers – the ones that finish in a v shape at the bottom are super flattering.  To get the max ‘pull your waist in effect ‘ from them, it’s better if the laces finish in the middle rather than the bottom or top.

  • Bustier – Basically a corset top that finishes just below your bust or a couple of inches longer.  Not one for the tummy conscious but if you look great there, then these are perfect for flaunting it.

  • Basque – Originally these were boned in construction but there’s lots now that aren’t and are just sheer or lacy.  A basque covers your boobs and comes down over your hips, think long line corset.

  • Waist Cincher – This is essentially the middle part of the corset, so from under your boobs to wrap around your waist to the top of your knicker line.  You’ll need a separate bra for these.  Or not, depending on the pictures you’re going for.

Boudoir Photo Shoot in Sussex
Boudoir Photo Shoot in Sussex
Boudoir Photo Shoot in Sussex

It goes without saying that whatever you get should fit you perfectly – you don’t want bumps being created where there aren’t supposed to be any or bits poking into your while you’re posing.

Basically when you’re choosing your photo shoot underwear, i’ts a good idea to think about two things.

  1. Boobs.   Don’t mean to be rude but you need to give some thought to the girls.  Breast support is key to creating a flattering outline at your shoot. You don’t want to worry about them falling out while you’re working it, and if you’re fairy ample in that department, you want them to stay facing front and centre in whatever position you’re in.  A full cup is a good idea in this situation – you’re still going to get plenty of cleavage but it will keep everything ‘locked down’ as it were.   If you’re a little more modestly endowed, you don’t want anything that will flatten them out and hide them away.  Check out cleavage enhancing balconies, half cups and heart shaped necklines.  And a little discreet padding never hurt anyone.
  2. What do I Love About my Body.  If you have great boobs (see above) then choose lingerie that shows them off.  Love your bum? likewise.  Note I am not saying to focus on what you don’t like your body – you’re just about to get your sexy on so any kind of negative self talk isn’t going to be helpful.

Boudoir is a lot more about what’s suggested than what’s see to bizarrely actually covering up can be hotter than baring all.  So I hope that helps. Shop your wardrobe (and shop the shops if you don’t have stuff or just fancy an excuse to treat yourself) to find the perfect shape enhancing underwear that makes you feel amazing.  That’s your part of the deal.  Get to the studio with that in your bag and we’ll do the rest to show off your best sexy self.

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