Boudoir Photographer in Crawley Down East Grinstead
Boudoir Photographer in Crawley Down East Grinstead
Boudoir Photographer in Crawley Down East Grinstead

Boudoir photography doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone – for as many different types of women there are, and for as many reasons to want to do a photo shoot, there are as many different styles of photography to suit.

When you visit the studio, you might have a really clear idea of what you want from your shoot, or you might be more uncertain and want to see how it goes on the day.  If that’s how you’re feeling (and that’s not a problem by the way), then we’d always recommend bringing plenty of clothing options.

People can presume that because you are doing a boudoir photo shoot that you’ll be pictured in your skimpies and nothing but.  However, if you want to build up your confidence in front of the camera during your session, it’s a lot easier to do that if you don’t start in your underwear!  Bring along a few dress / clothing sets that you feel comfortable in, the ones that you know you look just great in and we can start your session in those.  After you’ve got over your initial nerves, and believe me it doesn’t take very long in our relaxed and welcoming studio, then you can decide how brave you feel and if you want to dare to bare a little, a lot or nothing at all!

We don’t tie you to one style of photography during a session – you’re free to mix and match until you’ve created the perfect set of images for you.  Article by Sarah Fisher

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Don’t let a boudoir session remain on your ‘bucket list’ of things to do forever, just book it in and get ready to enjoy this amazing confidence building and fun experience.  If you want to add a little extra pamper, then you can always book to have your hair styled and make up applied as well.  Just get in touch for details.