Boudoir Photography in Sussex

Boudoir photo shoots, like most things in life, go better with a little planning. Nothing complicated, I mean you’re coming to the studio for pictures not embarking on a round the world trip but still…

Do’s and Don’ts for your Boudoir Photo Shoot


  • Spray Tan.  You’ll look orange in colour images and muddy in black and white.

  • Eat a Big Meal before your Session.  You don’t want to feel bloated and you’ll be working it in the studio so you don’t want to feel uncomfortable while you’re stretching and posing.

  • Drink Alcohol.  It’s tempting to think it might help you relax into your session but it’s not a good idea.  Save it for the after-party!

  • Worry.  We’re going to take care of everything to make you look and feel fantastic.  Just arrive with your stuff, and be your usual fabulous self – that’s all you need to do.


  • Come with Clean Face and Hair – if we’re doing your hair and make up, then wash your hair the day before and come with no make up.  If we’re not doing your hair and make up obviously, come as you’d like to be photographed :)

  • Colour hair, do your nails and wax (if any or all of those are your thing – they’re certainly not obligatory) no later than three days before your session.

  • Pack the Night Before.  That will give you time to sleep on it and add anything else you think of in the morning before you come.  Oh and definitely get an early night, you’ll want to be looking and feeling fresh for your pictures.

  • Bring Clothes as well as Underwear.  Jeans and tshirts, dresses, anything you like really. Not only will you leave with pictures you can show your mum, working with these first will give you time to relax into your session before we get to anything more racy.

  • Be Prepared.  To have a blast and leave feeling like a goddess!

Book Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

A boudoir photo shoot in the studio includes two hours in the studio for you to strut your stuff in as many outfits as you fancy plus your five favourite digital images to download, print and share anyone whose jaw you want to hit the floor.  The cost is £125 and there’s no sales process to sit through. You view and order your beautifully retouched images from your private online gallery along with a whole host of other print, digital and book goodies if you’d like them.

You can add in hair and make up too, for that extra pamper factor!

Boudoir Photography in Sussex
Boudoir Photography in Sussex
Boudoir Photography in Sussex