Boudoir Photography Crawley West Sussex

Boudoir photography means different things to different people and the lovely ladies that come to visit us all have different ideas and different reasons for taking the plunge and booking a photo shoot.

One thing that they all have in common however, are a few nerves when they first start the session which quickly fade as they find their groove and realise that our studio is a safe, warm and welcoming space where they can express their inner goddess dressed in as much (or as a little!) as they want.  We have years of experience of putting you at your ease and in lighting and poses that make you look a million dollars.  Whenever a lady leaves our studio at the end of the session, she usually feels at least seven foot tall. There’s something really fun and empowering about this type of session.  So don’t feel you have to save it until there is someone in your life worth taking these pictures for – my advice would be to do it for you!

Article by Sarah Fisher

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