Boudoir Makeup and Hair Sussex
Boudoir Makeup and Hair Sussex
Boudoir Makeup and Hair Sussex

If you’re booking a boudoir shoot and fancy adding a little bit of extra pamper factor, then you can add in professional hair styling and make up to your package.  I’m Sarah and as well as being a photographer (or photographer’s assistant if Steve will be taking the lead on your photo shoot), I’m also a qualified MUA and session stylist so I can take care of you all the way through your shoot – from making sure your makeup is picture perfect, your hair is all glamour through to checking that your suspenders are straight!

There’s a little preparation that you can do before you come to your shoot that will make all the difference to your finished results though – here’s some tips below…

Make Up

Brows – Now the proper shape for a brow is a pretty controversial topic these days and hey, your style is your style but for what it’s worth, I’d advise sticking as close as possible to your natural shape, avoid over – tweezing and remember the old mantra – your brows should be sisters not twins.  Do your shaping the day before you come to the shoot.

Come with a Bare Face – and by this I mean actually bare, not with a bit of base or just one coat of mascara.  Not because I’m lazy, of course I can take if off when you arrive but a really good cleanse and exfoliate the night before will leave your skin fresh as a daisy. Slap on a good layer of rich moisturiser, a good coat of balm on your lips (or Vaseline if you’re old school) before you go to bed and you’ll be good to go in the morning after a quick wash and a light moisturise.  I’d recommend not doing any deep cleanse face masks the week before your shoot unless you’re a regular user, they can give you break outs in the short term (despite being fantastic for your complexion over time of course).

To Tan or Not To Tan – Ummm, well I’m not sure what the diplomatic answer is to this so I’ll shoot straight from the hip.  Please don’t spray tan, please don’t, just don’t!  If you can stay out of the sun for a few days before your shoot that’s a good idea too, you don’t want red patches or strap marks.  Your make up will be designed to match your natural skin tone and no-one’s natural skin tone is spray tan orange.  You’ll look gorgeous, polished and healthy without it, I promise.

Botox, Fillers and Chemical Peels – if you’re a fan of these, then it’s a good idea to avoid botox and fillers for the week before your shoot and peels for two weeks before to avoid the chances of soreness and irritation.

Sleep Well – you might be excited about what’s to come but it’s worth getting as much sleep as possible the night before your shoot.  You’ll look rested and refreshed in the morning, plus you’ll have tons of energy for all that moving, stretching and posing.

When I apply makeup for a photo shoot, it is quite specific to our editing processes so it might look a little different to the make up that you wear on a day to day basis – but that’s the point right?  For example, I’m a fan of bronzer not blusher as it just gives you a healthy natural glow in the finished pictures whereas blusher tends to give a bit of an artificial look.

Hair Styling

When you come to your session, it’s best to come with dry hair preferably washed the day before.  Squeaky clean hair is harder to style and taking care of the wash the day before means that it’s definitely going to be completely dry, and also that you don’t have to worry about it when you’re packing up to come to the studio.

It’s worth getting a trim (and a root touch up if you colour) the week before your shoot to make sure your crowning glory is in tip top condition and I never met anyone who’s hair suffered from a few weekly deep conditioning masks so you could always use your shoot as an excuse to treat yourself.

Think about what you’d like with your hair before you come and bear in mind that during a shoot, we won’t have time for a total restyle but you’d be amazing what a brush through and a tousle of perfectly styled curls can do to give you that ‘I just woke up looking this sexy’ look which is great as you transition through to your lingerie outfits.  It’s generally a good idea to have your hair down as playing with it while you’re posing gives you a whole other set of options, plus there’s always an option of getting out the old wind machine for an added touch of drama! Still, your wish is my command!

The general rule of thumb that I use when we are working together to create your perfect hair and make up look is that you should still look like you when I’m finished.  You don’t want to look at your photos (or show them to the lucky recipient) and have them looking at a stranger – you want them to see you but a sexy, polished, glamorous, goddess version of you – you on your very best, fantastic hair ‘stop the traffic’ day!  Article by Sarah Fisher





Book Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Book Your Photo Shoot


A boudoir photo shoot includes your five favourite digital images to download, print and share with those who are lucky enough to get to see them.  Unlike other studios, there’s no secrets about our pricing or high pressure sales process.  The shoot, plus five images is £125 and if you’d like to order more, then you can do that from your private online gallery.