Frequently Asked Questions for Boudoir Sessions

Do I need to be able to pose?
No, we’ll talk you through that, there are a few tricks we will show you for posing in any photograph and as we go along we will guide you to the best and most flattering positions.

Can you do my make-up and hair style?
Yes, absolutely, in fact we recommend that you use Sarah our make-up and hair stylist.

Do you provide clothes?
You need to bring your own outfits. The outfits need to fit you and make you feel good. We will provide drapes/fabrics and some props, you will also be provided with a robe.

I don’t want loose prints, what is the best way to give these to my partner?
We have a range of options including small books, large albums, presentation boxes as well as digital copies. There will always be something right for you to gift to your partner.

I want the session for myself?
And quite right too, nothing wrong with that all and we encourage it. Lots of our clients just want to feel good about themselves or have a memory of when they were feeling great.

I am very nervous, will it be ok?
That is quite normal, thinking about a boudoir session can be quite scary. But trust us when we say most of our clients find it empowering and liberating. We are completely professional and you will find the whole session much more comfortable and easy than you expect. Remember, you are in control throughout the shoot – if you do feel uncomfortable, or you want to go for something stronger or more revealing – just let us know.

Can a friend come with me?
Yes, that is fine if you need some security, they can watch your shoot in the studio although we don’t have a lot of room. You may find when the shoot starts that they are a distraction however, so they need to know that they are their to support you and not make you laugh!

Will I have a female photographer?
Our team is husband and wife Steve & Sarah Fisher, there will be no one else at the session. We have been shooting this style of photography very decades and we are very experienced and sensitive. Please check our testimonials and facebook page comments, feel free to ask.connect with any of our clients for a review.

Do you airbrush the pictures?
Yes, we offer a range of retouching options. All temporary skin blemishes will automatically be cleaned up. We can also offer some body re-shaping and tuning and skin smoothing. It will still look like you, but you at your best!

I have some scars, is that a problem?
Probably not, we all show ravages of time and marks of our adventures. Birth marks, stretch marks, scars and tattoos can nearly always be worked around. We can also retouch them as required, but check with us first. It does depend on what your particular issue is, so please have a chat with us beforehand.

If you need to know anything else or wish to make a booking, then please call on 01342 716393 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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