Boudoir Photography in Sussex

A boudoir photo shoot had been on this lovely lady’s ‘bucket list’ of items for a number of years and she decided to just go for it and book in for a photography session.

Sometimes it’s easy to put these things off while you wait for the perfect time or special occasion but in truth, there’s nothing like taking the bull by the horns and booking one of these empowering sessions to boost your confidence for no particular reason at all other than that you’ve always wanted to do it.  This lady had put a lot of thought into the outfits that she brought along with her, bringing a good selection of her favourite clothes as well as a selection of underwear.  I’d definitely recommend this so you get the maximum range of photos in your finished collection!  She also added in hair and makeup for the extra pamper factor.

When you book your session, you have the choice of either having Steve or me shoot your photos.  You don’t have to have a preference of course, but the option is there if you’d prefer a female photographer.  We are a little different in style – Steve naturally leans towards more fashion styled images, a little more edgy and a little more ‘wow’, so if you really want to feel like you’ve just stepped off the cover of a magazine, then I’d definitely recommend selecting him for your shoot.  My style is probably a little more female led (obviously because I’m a girl), a little softer and more romantic.  However, either of us can shoot in any style you want of course.  Either way, I’ll be your session hair stylist and MUA if you add in those options and if Steve is shooting, then I’ll be in your session as an assistant to help out with styling, stubborn suspender belts and basically anything else you might need.

With this session, I was both hair / make up artist and also photographer and we had a great time getting glammed up and creating a range of fantastic images in a variety of styles.

A session includes your five favourite digital images and, unlike pretty much all the other studios, we don’t make you return to the studio for a viewing appointment so there’s no sales process to sit through.    You simply view and order your images from your online gallery.  The cost for your session (including your five favourite images at print quality) is £125.

Why wait, just go for it!  Article by Sarah Fisher