Bump photo’s – why they are so special

Firstly, let me say this. I recognise that at the end of your pregnancy, you may not feel at your most elegant but to everybody else, you look amazing. People genuinely love to see the bump (and occasionally are moved to lay unsolicited hands on it but that a post for another day!).  Pregnant women, to the rest of the world, do glow and even if you don’t feel like it, it is a very special time.

Your pregnancy is a time of celebration and excitement. You are preparing to meet your new member of your family and change your life forever. You’re going to find new levels of strength and new depths of love.  Even if you don’t believe me right now, you will eventually quite miss your bump and images of your temporary shape will be something that you will come to treasure.

Obviously, in the studio, we have years of experience of lighting and post production techniques to take away any temporary blemishes that you don’t want included in your finished images so don’t let the fact that you are self conscious about any stretchmarks stop you from getting images captured.  We can remove those for you in your finished photographs if you’d like us too – there’s lots of women who love their tiger stripes and prefer to leave them in but it’s absolutely your choice.  The session is carried out in our warm and relaxed boutique studio, at a slow and gentle pace and of course, you can dare to bare as much or as little of the bump as you’d like to.  Lots of people are put off by the thought that maternity photography is mandatory nudity but plenty of our clients choose to remain fully clothed throughout, with some folk choosing to bare a little bump and others choosing to go a little further.  You are welcome to mix and match styles within your session, and even just to see how you feel on the day.  You have total control of your photo shoot and we’re happy to capture your maternity shape anyway that you would like us to.

So when you think about having pregnancy photos taken, simply take a breath and remember – you are gorgeous, the moment is perfect and you should take the opportunity to capture this period of your life. These are images you will treasure and pass down to your children as a memory of your first keepsakes of them.

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