It has been a busy couple of weeks in the studio as people’s thoughts turn to Christmas and what presents to get for people. For lots of families, studio photographs of the youngest members make a great gift for lots of family members (as well as looking great on their own walls of course!). We’ve also sold quite a few gift certificates in the last couple of weeks for the same reason – what an organised bunch all of our customers are getting their Christmas presents sorted so early!

As well as some of my regular clients, I’ve had a few new faces in the studio which is always a treat with some of them being very new faces indeed – baby L was just 7 weeks old and I was very lucky to meet her. I think you’ll agree that she takes a lovely photograph, as does her mum (who it is hard to belive just had a baby such a short time ago!). I also had a big family group in enjoying a rare reunion (some of them live in Australia and you can’t really get a lot further away than that!) – there were lots of giggles in the process of the session, so I hope they enjoy the finished images as much as well enjoyed taking them.