Cake Smash First Birthday Photography Shoot Joey Club is our baby photography scheme designed to capture key moments in your baby’s first year and the final session takes the form of a first birthday shoot with themed props and accessories as well as just to capture your little on as they reach the end of their first year with you.   Plus you can also choose to add on a ‘cake smash’ photography session at the end to finish up with some fun.  OK it’s undeniably sticky but it’s nothing that a quick swipe with a flannel won’t fix and we take care of the rest!

We usually recommend that you schedule this appointment about three weeks before the big day so you can use any resulting images for birthday party invitations or just as part of the celebrations and the only difference to your other sessions  is that, along with anything you would normally bring along that you would like to include, you also bring along a birthday cake.  In all truth, not a lot of the cake gets eaten so you don’t have to splash out on anything very expensive.  Also, in our experience, buttercream style icing works better than fondant icing as it is more smear-able.

You can choose the outfit that you want your little one to ‘smash’ in but obviously it might well get a little mucky – nappy covers work great or plain baby grows / vests that you aren’t too worried about as some icing might contain food colouring that could stain.   When we are all cake’d out then we have plenty of baby wipes to clean up your little monkey or you are welcome to bring along a flannel for a more thorough clean up, and of course we take care of cleaning up the rest when you have gone…

We literally just set up the cake in the studio, place your birthday boy or girl within easy grabbing distance and let the story unfold!  As part of your collection, you will receive single images to choose from as well as two poster designs with a montage of our smashing time.

Also after this session, you will be able to choose the final images for your keepsake wall frame that you receive as the end result of your Joey Club membership – you can find out more all about joining the Joey Club baby photography scheme for the 4 – 12 months by clicking here.

Of course, you can book a first birthday session in the studio even if you aren’t part of the Joey Club – the cost for that is £95, and includes the session, access to props and accessories as well as five digital images that you can print and distribute as you wish.

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