Cake Smash First Birthday Photography Sussex
Cake Smash First Birthday Photography Sussex
Cake Smash First Birthday Photography Sussex
Cake Smash First Birthday Photography Sussex


Once again, another trends wings its way across the pond from America to start to make it big over here in the UK – the cake smash photo shoot.  A fantastic addition to the end of a first or second birthday photo shoot, the cake smash does exactly what it says on the tin.  Take one child, preferable stripped down to his or her nappy, and one birthday cake and let them just explore, eat, smear, wear, smoosh and even faceplant for all their little lives are worth.  The photography is there to capture the messy sticky smiles that follow!

Some advice in preparing for your cake smash shoot…

1. Do bring along a nappy cover if you don’t want the nappy in the photos

2. Bring along a good stock of wipes, a carrier bag for mucky clothes and a clean outfit to change into.  It’s unlikely even with a good stack of baby wipes that you’ll get them entirely clean without bathing them so don’t bring your favourite outfit to go home in.

3. Don’t worry too much about the cake – lots of mums recommend using a shop bought sponge and just covering it in butter icing yourself.   The addition of coloured sprinkles makes it pretty without costing too much time and effort

4. Fondant or regal icing is not very smearable and doesn’t make for such fun in the photos

5. Steer clear of red icing as when it gets spread about, it can look a bit like blood

6. Vanilla cake looks better in photos than chocolate for obvious reasons

7. If your baby hasn’t eaten cake before, they might not realise it is edible and so just dipping your finger in the icing and putting a dab of it in their mouths should give them the idea.

8. Think about doing your cake smash a couple of weeks before the birthday so that there is time to create the perfect birthday picture or thank you card.