Capturing Couples - Studio Photography

You’ve heard of ‘pester power’ – you know what kids do when you are at the checkout in the supermarket and they want they conveniently kid height displayed sweets?  Well this session was booked with us because of a variation of this that was a lot less height restricted and probably  more powerful. This chap’s mum had been saying for ages that all she wanted for Christmas and her birthday were some photographs of her son and daughter in law.  So off to the studio they came to get some pictures and claim defeat at the hands of parent-pester-power.

Her son was very confident in front of the camera (well we all know that boys get a very good deal when it comes to taking care of their appearance, in that they have to do basically no work at all past general cleaning and maintenance) whereas his wife felt in need of a bit of a confidence boost before her session.  So they chose to add a professional makeover before the photography started so she could be sure she was looking her absolute best.   Adding make up to any session costs just £25 and it’s a great way to start your session feeling refreshed and relaxed as well as looking gorgeous.