Teen Birthday Party Photo Shoot – One Chair Six Ways

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My giant burgundy chaise is always a popular posing choice when I host a birthday party photo shoot at my studio.  It’s comfy, it’s pretty and perfect for groups.  It’s also very versatile when it comes to posing solo portraits as these six lovely young ladies prove.  So here it is, one chair – six ways! This group of besties all board together at a local school and they came to share the fun of a photo

Teenage Birthday Party Photo Shoot – Sussex

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My teenage birthday party photo shoots are a fun and different way to celebrate.  There’s a visit to the studio for up to five girls, up to four changes of outfit, lots of posing, even more giggles and the party bag is built right in with 5 digital images included – all for £125. No previous experience is necessary for this fun party shoot as I gently guide the girls through

Teenage Birthday Party Photo Shoots

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Most of my work is with newborns, babies and families but I also shoot teenage birthday parties and they are always a real treat when they come along. From the warmth and quiet calm of a newborn photo shoot, I have a studio full of excited teenagers and it’s all noise, giggles and posing.  I couldn’t love it more! This group of five friends were no exception and they were just full of fun. Each group gets

Birthday Party Photo Shoot in Crawley Down

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When you’ve got a birthday coming up and five besties to celebrate with, then a photo shoot party is a great fun option. These girls were full of giggles as we worked through their outfit changes to create images of them both in groups and separately. I gently guide them through age appropriate poses to ensure that they look and feel great in front of the camera (the emphasis is always on having fun and

Teenage Birthday Party Photo Shoot – East Grinstead

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These three lovely ladies came to visit to celebrate a very special 13th birthday with a party photo shoot. They have been friends since they first met at infant school and the bond between them was very clear to see.  So we had wonderful fun in the studio creating images of them all together as well as some very lovely single shots.  They brought four great looks to play with - jeans and tshirts, beach wear, party

Teenage Birthday Party Photo Shoot – East Grinstead

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Everyone likes a party and this little gang certainly rocked in the studio for a birthday party photo shoot.  Four different outfits, lots of posing and lots of giggles, they were fabulous girls that's for sure.  We had casual jeans and t-shirt look, onesies (well who doesn't love a onesie?), skater skirts and finally cute and short dresses - so we had lots of different looks to play with both for group and individual shots. Birthday party

Birthday Party Photo Session

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There was a definite birthday party atmosphere in the studio on Saturday afternoon and we even had the party hats to prove it!  The birthday party photo shoot was such a lot of fun, we had casual clothes, hawaiian outfits, flourescent brights, and my personal favourite - onesies!  A lot of the fun of this type of party is in the co-ordination and planning of all the outfits the girls would like to wear (they can have up to

Birthday Party Photo Shoot

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I love a party and these two girls certainly bought some birthday party fun into the studio! We had three changes of outfit for this session, opting to start with a casual jeans and t-shirt look, move onto fun and funky pyjamas and then finish up on a more formal dressed up look. There were lots of giggles as we worked through some different ideas to create a range of images as well as teaching them some of the

Teenager Party Fashion Shoots

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[title size="3"]Great party ideas for teenager[/title] Our teenager party fashion shoots are currently our "deal of the day" check our the link for details: Teenager Party Fashion Shoots If you're the parent of a pre-teen or teenage girl, you'll know how hard it can be to find something for them to do to celebrate their birthday. Many traditional party options are too young for them, yet they're too young to hit the town on their own and limousine parties can