Boudoir Strip Tease Images Created in Sussex Studio

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We love to try new things with our boudoir photography and so we were thrilled with how this strip tease panoramic turned out.  Can't you just see it hanging above your bed? The great thing about it is that it's really easy for you to do as part of your session as you just keep moving through the strip and we just capture the images as you go so you don't need to feel so self conscious holding a pose

How to Relax for Your Boudoir Shoot

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It's pretty natural to be nervous before a boudoir shoot, you're potentially going to be taking off some of your clothes in front of a stranger and that's not in the daily routine for most of us.  That worry about feeling nervous on the day and not getting the best out of your shoot can be enough to put some people off booking altogether. I'll say up front, and you can speak to anyone who

Why Book a Boudoir Session?

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Why book a boudoir session?  Well there's lots of reasons... It's been around for a while so you probably already know someone who's done one or at least talked about it but I guess everyone has a different motivation.  Probably the most usual is a 'bridal boudoir' session, booked by a bride-to-be and the images given on the morning of the wedding to give the groom something to think about on the run up to the

Flirty Fifties Boudoir Photography in East Grinstead

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A cheeky fifties inspired boudoir photography session in my studio (in East Grinstead, West Sussex).  Actually boudoir photography is probably not really the right label for the entire session as it was only the last little section that we got into the lingerie photos.  The rest of the session was fifties cute and girly - sweet and sexy in a gentle flirty way. As the song goes, you don't have to take your clothes off

Makeover Photography with MAC

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I treated myself to some brand new MAC palettes for my makeover boudoir photography.  OK, I already had a lot of make up but you can't ever really have too much can you?  And anyway, these are sparkly so I fail to see how I was supposed to resist. They are the 'Amber Times 9' eye shadow palette and the 'Glimmer of Gold mineralize' quad palette just to add a little extra sparkle. A lot

Training, Training and More Training…

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  I don't think you're ever done learning, probably in any job, but definitely in mine.  That's part of the reason that I love it so much actually - there's always more to learn, to practice and achieve.  Fashions and trends change, folk come up with new ideas and new products and it's up to me to get on board with those or get left behind. So with this spirit in mind,

Present Yourself for Valentines Day

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Give the present of yourself for Valentines Explore your naughty side with a retro pinup photo session. Want something fun but naughty? Exciting, beautiful and happy retro pinup/boudoir for you. Combining two of photography's top themes, boudoir and retro styling, you can have a terrific up to date, glamorous look. Images for you, your wall, or something private for your partner. You will have a makeover and hair styling in a contemporary or retro fashion for that wonderful

Boudoir Photo Shoot with a Pin Up Feel

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This lady wanted a boudoir photo shoot that showed her off to absolute best and kept a real feel of that cute and flirty fifties feeling.  So we create a number of gorgeous vintage pin up styled looks for her. This type of look is perfect if you're not feeling ultra confident about stripping off in the studio as it is sexy without having to involve a lot of skin on show. A hint of stocking top can be

How to Get Ready for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

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When you've plucked up the courage and finally booked that boudoir photo shoot that you've been wanting to do for ages, it's quite common for a little hint of butterflies to set in.   Here's some tips on how to prepare for your shoot (and none of them involve losing weight.  You're perfect as you are). So as obvious as it sounds, it's really important to get a good night's sleep before your shoot and preferably two to ensure you are

Boudoir Photo Shoot from the Flirty Fifties

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This lady had some really definite ideas about the type of boudoir photo shoot that she wanted and she brought along a lot of ideas and a fair amount of clothes, accessories and props to create her perfect look - sexy with a flirty fifties vibe. Anyway, I think we hit the mark with a great set of images that ranged from beautiful portraiture that you could definitely show your mum, to some sexy shots that perhaps would

Boudoir Photography in East Grinstead

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This lady came to visit my studio in East Grinstead, West Sussex for a boudoir photography session with a vintage pinup feel and she brought along the most amazing collection of fifties styled outfits and shoes.  Honestly, I was so spoiled for choice as to what to photograph her in first - talk about a kid in a candy store! Anyway, her outfits were so bright and colourful, we decided to show them off against some

Which Underwear Works Best at a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

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When you book a boudoir photo shoot, your thoughts are likely to turn to the underwear that you're going to be photographed in.  You might well be wondering what works best at a photo shoot, well here's  a bit of advice... That said, if you're investing in a boudoir photo shoot unless you have a great selection of fabulous underwear already (I don't, but that might well just be me), you might want

For His Eys Only Boudour Photography

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Today's woman wants to be sexy, sensual and show her naughty side. Boudoir photography is about exploring your sexy side whether for yourself or your partner. Boudoir photography is known under several names: playboy style, glamour photography, Venus photography and “For His Eyes Only” are just some of them. They all come down to the same thing, you're own private makeover and photoshoot where you can look your best and naughtiest. The result? A gallery

Flip Book Strip

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Animate Strip Book   Had Jammy Lou in the studio for an old fashion stripper sequence for our new chaosCONFIDENTIAL female portraiture portfolio book. 5o pictures in the bottom right corner of the book animate her stripping when flick/flipped through....   choasCONFIDENTIAL Female Portraiture

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Christmas Gift Experiences from the chaosCONFIDENTIAL range

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Great Christmas gift ideas... Whether you are looking for the perfect gift experience for your wife or girlfriend or images as a Christmas prezzy for your husband or boyfriend, chaosCONFIDENTIAL photography shoots offer a different and unique gift idea. Photography sessions can cover fashion shoots, glamour shoots, "Page3 style" shoots, for your eyes only style, boudoir and burlesque shoots, or a simple make-over with casual Jeans and a T-Shirt shoot. How about that perfect 'air-brushed' cocktail dress portrait? Or

Teen Makeover Photography in East Grinstead

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Lauren's mum had bought her a gift voucher for a teen makeover photo session and Lauren came very well prepared with a wide selection of outfits and accessories.  We kept her make up quite simple, designed just to enhance her already stunning features (and of course to keep it age appropriate).  When that was completed, we then enjoyed a great fun  hour in the studio, working with different outfits, props and backdrops to create a series of images

Call for Guest Bloggers Wanted

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Would you like to feature as a Guest Blogger on our Photography Website? [one_half] [checklist] Weddings Wedding Ideas Maternity Babies Families Children Pets Boudoir / Glamour Well thought-out lifestyle and social discussion pieces that will be of interest to our clients and followers.[/checklist] [/one_half] [one_half_last] [/one_half_last] [tagline_box link="http://www.visualchaos.co.uk/guest-blog-submissions/" button="Submit your articlel" title="Guest Bloggers Wanted - Submit here" description="Guest Bloggers are invited to submit articles as a Guest Blog Writer to our professional photography blog."][/tagline_box] We are particularly interested in articles covering the family, maternity and newborns,

chaosCONFIDENTIAL session with Petra

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Almost finished Petra's photo shoot images today, just a bit more to do before I will put them on-line for her to view, here is a sneak preview of the more 'covered' shots...

Do you sell Images Digitally, if so what size?

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We do sell digital image packages, which will vary in price and volumes depending on the session type. However, included with all sessions is the option to buy just one image digitally and ALL images, the price per image will usually decrease the more your buy. Delivery of your digital purchase is via internet download, although we do have additional options to have them sent to you on disk or USB flash drives. The order will take the same time to

Print Prices

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What are your print prices? Is there a minimum order? Do we have to come back to the studio? Currently we have four print pricing plans depending upon your type of photography session. Our Standard Print Price List below covers all of our session types, but there are exceptions and they are listed below. There is no minimum spend, and you don't have to come back to the studio to view the images and suffer any "high pressure sales" experiences,