My First Photograph

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So this was the very first photograph that I ever took ....Rubbish isn't it ! In my defence, I was only 11 and I just got my first SLR "Film" camera for Christmas, the EXAKTA RTL 1000 (I have one still today) and I was very excited to do something with it. So why not make your Mum go outside with a kitchen chair and read the newspaper? .... And yes it was a white Christmas! Hopefully, it wasn't too

Bump Maternity Photos

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Bump photo's - why they are so special Firstly, let me say this. I recognise that at the end of your pregnancy, you may not feel at your most elegant but to everybody else, you look amazing. People genuinely love to see the bump (and occasionally are moved to lay unsolicited hands on it but that a post for another day!).  Pregnant women, to the rest of the world, do glow and even if you

Clothes to Wear for a Family Session in Spring on Location

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ON LOCATION PHOTOGRAPHY Spring time is my favourite moment of the year - the long winter nights are over and life is busting out all over with plants coming into bloom and springtime bulbs. For springtime shoots you really want to be wearing either layered clothes or have some quick changes of outfit. Spring can flip from warm to cold so easily. So bring gorgeous springtime scarves and cardigans simply in case. For colours you

Three Generations Family Portrait in Sussex

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This lovely family have been planning a shoot for a long while and finally got booked into the studio to capture some very special images - three generations of the women in the family.   Photo shoots like this are extra precious to us as they are a little more than just images that will look great on your wall (although of course they will), I really think they are more like family heirlooms.

Tips to Get your Children Ready for their Photo Shoot

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Never work with children and animals they say but at the studio, well, we do both on a regular basis and we don't mind it one bit! It doesn't need to be a stressful experience and a little preparation can go a long way to making sure that you get the results, and the images, that you want from your session. Try to Make Sure there's No Rush - it sounds a bit obvious

Three Generations Portrait Photoshoot

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Three Generation Portrait January has turned out to be an incredibly busy month for the studio, with the full launch of our new commercial video services and the expansion of the aerial drone services too... so it was a pleasure to get back to some studio photography with this lovely family. Mum bought Grandma a portrait photography shoot for Christmas to capture the three generations of these beautiful woman, Grandma, Mum and Twin Grandchildren. It was

Working with Children in the Studio

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Working With Children in the Studio There's a famous saying that most people have heard.  Never work with children and animals.  Well, despite a harrowing experience with a cat portrait once, I don't really abide by that in the studio.  We have been photographing children for years and we like to think that we do it rather well. I always think that the key is to make kids (and parents of course) feel relaxed and

Winter Family Session Clothing and Outfits

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… images in the post found on the internet … OK, we know winter can just be wet and miserable at times, but on a sunny day Autumn and Winter location shoots can be lovely! And if a snowy day is manageable that is all the better! For colours you really need to stand out with strong, vibrant tones. Choose bright reds, blues or greens. Although normally we don't recommend heavy like patterns or checks

East Grinstead Family Portrait Photography

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When you are a very small person, it can be a bit overwhelming to be in a photo studio and the littlest of the two chaps above wasn't too keen initially on being on his own to get his picture taken. Luckily Dad was on hand to lend a hand, or actually a shoulder to help him ease into his photo shoot and big brother was there to show him how it was done.  That's family teamwork! A

Family Photography in our East Grinstead Studio

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This little lad's family are no strangers to our studio as they have been coming to visit us since his big sister wasn't very big at all but it's always a pleasure to see them.  This was his first solo outing for a photo shoot though as it was especially to celebrate his upcoming second birthday.  He was a little shy at first but then Mum agreed to get in on the photo action and, as you can see, he

Family Photography Portraits in East Grinstead

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it's the most wonderful time of the year in the studio. Lots of families come to visit to get photos for Christmas presents, and also to satisfy that early new year's resolution to finally get some photos of everyone

Family Portraits in the East Grinstead Studio

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One of the lovely things about having had a photography studio for more than ten years is that you really get to see families grow up (and grow in number). These guys first came to us when the big boy was first born and they've been coming back regularly for updates (and extra children!) ever since.

Family Photography in East Grinstead

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These two brothers had been to see us in our old studio about 2 years ago and they came back last week for some updated pictures for the family albums and walls.  Aged 4 and 6 now, they are the perfect age for studio photography as they can keep focused for that little bit longer and follow some simple instructions to set up the picture.  Obviously in a session like this, we usually keep the images informal and relaxed in