For His Eys Only Boudour Photography

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Today's woman wants to be sexy, sensual and show her naughty side. Boudoir photography is about exploring your sexy side whether for yourself or your partner. Boudoir photography is known under several names: playboy style, glamour photography, Venus photography and “For His Eyes Only” are just some of them. They all come down to the same thing, you're own private makeover and photoshoot where you can look your best and naughtiest. The result? A gallery

Newsco Insider Business Round Table Meeting

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Commercial Photography THE UK'S NATIONAL B2B MEDIA COMPANYNewsco Insider business magazine held another successful round table meeting with leading business men and woman from the fields of business finance and private equity. The meeting was held at the Gatwick Hiton near Crawley in West Sussex and VisualChaos Studios commercial photography was there to record it.Insider is the UK’s most successful regional B2B media company. Today, Insider’s five regional B2B magazines are read every year by over 200,000

Winter Family Session Clothing and Outfits

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… images in the post found on the internet … OK, we know winter can just be wet and miserable at times, but on a sunny day Autumn and Winter location shoots can be lovely! And if a snowy day is manageable that is all the better! For colours you really need to stand out with strong, vibrant tones. Choose bright reds, blues or greens. Although normally we don't recommend heavy like patterns or checks

Fine Art Prints for Sale

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Primrose Hall Nursery

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  Great to see Alec White, a previous wedding client of mine, again this week as he brought in a new flower brand to be photographed for the Gardeners World show in a few weeks time. The plants being used in the styled garden to reflect a 'Night Club' scene and a 'Chill out' Scene are Alstroemeria and Paeonia (peony)   Alec White Primrose Hall Nursery Tel: 01525 878924 │ Fax: 01525 876557 E-Mail: Alec.White@primrosehall.co.uk  Web: www.primrosehall.co.uk Growers

Family Photography in our East Grinstead Studio

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This little lad's family are no strangers to our studio as they have been coming to visit us since his big sister wasn't very big at all but it's always a pleasure to see them.  This was his first solo outing for a photo shoot though as it was especially to celebrate his upcoming second birthday.  He was a little shy at first but then Mum agreed to get in on the photo action and, as you can see, he

Family Photography in East Grinstead

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This family came to visit us last week to get some updated family pictures that they could both put on their walls as well as give as Christmas gifts.  They've been coming to us since the little lad in the pictures was very tiny indeed and it is always a pleasure to catch up with them, and their new little baby girl.  That's one of the loveliest things about my job - seeing families over the years, grow up and

Teen Makeover Photography in East Grinstead

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Lauren's mum had bought her a gift voucher for a teen makeover photo session and Lauren came very well prepared with a wide selection of outfits and accessories.  We kept her make up quite simple, designed just to enhance her already stunning features (and of course to keep it age appropriate).  When that was completed, we then enjoyed a great fun  hour in the studio, working with different outfits, props and backdrops to create a series of images

Family Portraits in the East Grinstead Studio

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One of the lovely things about having had a photography studio for more than ten years is that you really get to see families grow up (and grow in number). These guys first came to us when the big boy was first born and they've been coming back regularly for updates (and extra children!) ever since.

Family Photography in East Grinstead

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These two brothers had been to see us in our old studio about 2 years ago and they came back last week for some updated pictures for the family albums and walls.  Aged 4 and 6 now, they are the perfect age for studio photography as they can keep focused for that little bit longer and follow some simple instructions to set up the picture.  Obviously in a session like this, we usually keep the images informal and relaxed in

Cake Smash First Birthday Photography

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Joey Club is our baby photography scheme designed to capture key moments in your baby's first year and the final session takes the form of a first birthday shoot with themed props and accessories as well as just to capture your little on as they reach the end of their first year with you.   Plus you can also choose to add on a 'cake smash' photography session at the end to finish up with some fun.  OK it's undeniably

Baby Boy Photography in the Joey Club

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This little came along for his second Joey Club session right on time - around the 8 month mark and although he hadn't been the biggest fan of the studio on his first visit (when he needed frequent mum-cuddles and milk breaks), he just loved the limelight this time around.  So much so that we even indulged in a little dressing up and you have to admit that he is totally rocking the trapper hat with his cheeky grin. 

From Newborn to Joey Club

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When you bring your new arrival to us for a newborn photography session, then you don't just get beautiful photos of your baby in his or her earliest days. You also get free membership to our Joey Club baby photography scheme - normally costing £39.95.

Wedding Bunnies – Perfect Gift For your Flower Girl

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If you're looking for the perfect gift for your young flower girl attendants, then Wilkos have got a great idea that won't blow your budget.

Passport, ID, Licence & Visa Photos

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  If you need a passport, visa, driving license / gun license or ID photo that you can't get in a standard booth or if you want one that is a little more flattering than the machine generated ones then visit our studio in Crawley Down, near East Grinstead and Gatwick and get your pictures printed while you wait.    We take pictures for adults, babies and young children. We shoot our passports in our portrait studio utilising the same high

The Enchanted Forest Fairy Photography Experience – West Sussex

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Our Enchanted Forest studio is a permanent and purpose built Forest environment designed to provide the ultimate in magical fairy photography experiences for little girls aged 3 and up.