Big Brothers & Little Sisters

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This family have been coming to the studio for photographs since the big brother in the picture was just a tiny little 3 month old and it has been my pleasure to see him grown and also to meet his little sister.  The last time she came to the studio, she was just a few weeks old and her big brother wasn't there so I was thrilled when they both came along to the latest session.

Dad & Son AKA Pint and Half Pint

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I wrote a post on this blog yesterday about how great it is when clients co-ordinate the clothes that they wear to their photo shoot and then today I edited this session and it certainly struck a chord.  This father and son duo, AKA Pint and Half Pint had really gone all out on the co-ordination front.  There were other outfits and indeed members of the family present but this shot just made me smile

Family Portraits – What to Wear?

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The first thing that I see when I look at this portrait of two sisters that came into the studio recently is their cheeky smiles.  And there were lots of cheeky smiles during their session that's for sure - they just lit up the studio.  They looked so gorgeous in their matching pink dresses and those dresses really served to show them off without distracting attention away from them in the finished photos.

The Fairy Photography Experience

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Our studio is a very interesting place, in the front there is what you would expect to find in a 'normal' studio - lights, props, cameras etc but in the back, there is something altogether more unexpected and magical - Our Enchanted Forest.  This is the home to our fairy photography experience, specially designed and built for little fairies and princesses aged 3 and up.

Capturing Couples – Studio Photography

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You've heard of 'pester power' - you know what kids do when you are at the checkout in the supermarket and they want they conveniently kid height displayed sweets?  Well this session was booked with us because of a variation of this that was a lot less height restricted and probably  more powerful. This chap's mum had been saying for ages that all she wanted for Christmas and her birthday were some photographs of her son and daughter in law.  So off to the studio they came to get some pictures and claim defeat at the hands of parent-pester-power.

Photography – Preserving Family History

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Sometimes you have to lead a horse to water and make sure it has a jolly good drink while it is there, otherwise your horse could get dehydrated and you'd have nothing to look at and remember what a great horse it was in years to come. Umm, well I lost it on the analogy at the end there but the principle point is that photographs are a really important way of preserving family history for all the generations to come.

Do Your Grandkids Run Rings Around You?

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One of the things that I am looking forward to about growing older is the thought of having grandchildren, (in case any of our kids are reading this, I am happy to wait for a few years yet so don't even think about it).  Ah the tall tales and stories I will tell them, the chocolate I will offer unbeknownst to the parents (just before I take them home) and the games I will make up to keep us amused.  It's going to be fun.

Stephen and his Bike

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Stephen used his gift voucher to get some romantic shots of a huge love in his life... While he did come with his wife and daughter, I'm referring to his bike of course! Stephen is a Mountain Bike devotee of course and wanted to get some cute shots of him and his bike together. Getting it to stand up right for the shots was a challenge and some painting over in good old photoshop, but the results were great.

Black and White & Colour Images in the Studio

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Our little model came to the studio with her baby sister and her mum and dad to take part in a family studio session.  Everyone involved was very gorgeous but I just love her natural smile here as she enjoys a relax on our soft and fluffy rug. I've presented this image of her in black and white as I felt it really suited the relaxed and informal nature of the shot. When we take a set of images at the studio, we usually present a mix of black and white and colour images in the finished collection, although you can choose to swap between them as suits your tastes.  You've got to love digital!

Props in the Studio

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We have a good range of props in the studio, designed to suit all kinds of age ranges and situations.  We have sofas for larger groups, a very versatile armchair that suits pretty much anything from babies to septuagenarians, a footstool that is the perfect height for little ones who have just learned to pull themselves up and cruise around, the list goes on.  But sometimes, the best prop is mum or dad.  So here pictured is by far the most beautiful and glamorous prop that I have had in the studio for a good long while.

Studio Family Photography

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relaxed and just being themselves. Digital photography and post production techniques mean that we can combine these casual photography in some striking panoramic images that can make some stunning wall art that really captures your child's personality.

Father’s Day Photo Shoots

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Father's Day is a great day to celebrate the special dad or granddad in your life but all too often, it is difficult to think of the perfect gift to buy them.  Beer, socks and chocs can get a bit boring after a while so, inspired by the difficult to buy for men in my life, I decided to create a special studio event designed to make it easy to give the perfect , unique, original and different Father's Day present.

Relaxing in the Studio

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Sometimes my favourite shots from a session are not the ones that I had planned on getting - I just love this image of our young man relaxing on our super soft and fluffy rug while we were waiting for his little sister to come over and join him.  I try to keep as alert as possible for moments just like this during all our family portrait sessions, especially when there are young children involved as they always have the

Birthday Party Photo Session

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There was a definite birthday party atmosphere in the studio on Saturday afternoon and we even had the party hats to prove it!  The birthday party photo shoot was such a lot of fun, we had casual clothes, hawaiian outfits, flourescent brights, and my personal favourite - onesies!  A lot of the fun of this type of party is in the co-ordination and planning of all the outfits the girls would like to wear (they can have up to four

Fairy Photo Shoot – Maisie, the Enchanted Forest Fairy

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This gorgeous fairy creature is Maisie, our latest Forest fairy to pay a visit to our Enchanted Forest for her fairy photography experience.  We had a wonderful time showing her all about how the Forest was created from magic beans (we saved some magic beans to show to our special visitors) and how the fairies helped it to grow using some fairy dust (also on display for little visitors).  She choose a very pretty pink fairy dress and she looks

More Birthday Presents in the Studio!

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Must be the birthday season as this family was the second in as many weeks to come and visit us to create an image for a 70th birthday present.  They had managed (after some struggling I understand) to get all the family in one place so that we could take the pictures.   It was lovely to have them all in the studio and I'm sure that the birthday boy will just love his present! A session costs just £26

Photos for a 70th Birthday

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I've said it lots of times before and I'll probably mention it lots of times in the future, but photos can make amazing gifts for lots of different occasions - Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, you name it! This photo of all the grandkids together was created for a 70th birthday and I've no doubt at all that there will be a very proud grandad who is delighted to receive it.  The extra effort that the families have gone to in getting

Grandparents & Granchildren Together

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We have lots of different family groups that come and visit our studio and this time, our couple wanted to spend some time capturing images of them with their grandchildren which is just a brilliant idea. The Grandmother had received one of our gift certificates as a present from her son and decided that this was how she wanted to spend it and we had lots of fun creating all sorts of different, relaxed and informal images of them together

Opera Singer Rachel in for Head Shots

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[title size="3"]Performer Head Shots[/title] Rachel visited us this week for those all important head shots. As well as singing and teaching voice techniques Rachel is a Reiki master practitioner and teacher. She is also trained as a counsellor and mentor.     Rachel's website can be found here: www.Rachel-Rogers.co.uk       About Rachel Rachel began to explore using the voice for meditation and healing fifteen years ago following a very stressful career which left her with many unwanted thoughts and images. Through the practice of