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Children and Teenager Party Shoots

Engagement Photography

Girly Fashion Fun for 8 to 18 year olds

If you’re the parent of a pre-teen or teenage girl, you’ll know how hard it can be to find something for them to do to celebrate their birthday. Many traditional party options are too young for them, yet they’re too young to hit the town on their own and limousine parties can break the bank.

So let VisualChaos offer you a solution – a photo shoot birthday experience! The best thing is that they get a birthday experience to remember they can enjoy with their friends (or fellow models) and the ‘party bag’ is built right in as each of the stars of the shoot can choose their favourite photograph to remind them of their modelling session.

Let your teenager or pre-teen girl experience the world of modelling for a couple of hours along with some friends in our professional studio environment with our qualified and experienced photographers. Sarah & Steve has been working with clients for over a decade to get the best results for them so no experience is necessary (although we all know that most girls have more experience than most adults in posing for their friends’ camera phones!)


Engagement Photography

Package Summary

  • Girls Aged 8 to 18

  • Birthday Girl + up to 3 Friends

  • Fashion Shoot Styles

  • 5 Digitally Mastered Images

  • 4 Outfit Changes

  • Additional Frame, Canvas & Print Options

  • Option to shoot larger groups on location

If you would like us to email over further information and pricing please enter email below, and we will email back with in 24 hours… If it doesn’t turn up then check your spam or junk folder and if not there please get back in touch.


The session starts as the birthday girl arrives at the studio with up to three friends. They meet with Sarah and have a short design consultation where they discuss their ideas, arrange their outfits and their unique photographic session is designed, then it’s off to start the photo shoot.

Ready for your Close Up
Once in the studio, we will give the girls a basic understanding of the principles of modelling and pose them in a variety of group and individual sets.

The session includes up to four outfit changes (see here for a list of suggestions) and so our models just work through each set until the shoot is completed.

It’s a Wrap!
When the session is finished and everyone has packed their outfits away, the work for our models is over and they can head off to pizza, cinema, sleepover or whatever else the day has in store for them.

But our work is only half done, we take all of their images into our professional editing suite to brush them up and give them a ‘magazine ready’ finish. We remove blemishes and make sure our models are looking their most fierce and fabulous best in the final images.

Engagement Photography

Pricing and Session Fees

We have a very simple approach to session pricing. All sessions are priced the same and include the photography session, the post production work and 5 digital images sized 9″ on the longest side at 240 ppi.

You do not need to re-visit the studio for a “sales” meeting like you do with other studios, you proof the images at home in your private online portfolio for up to 50 days. Just email your 5 favourites and we will link you to the high-resolution images for download.

You can of course upgrade or purchase more, just use the links in the proofing area accordingly. We still offer prints, wraps and framing options etc. as you would expect from a professional photography studio. Our print prices and shop products can be found using the buttons below.


Session Price £125

We have just the one session price...
Includes Session, Post Production and 5 Digital Images of your choice.
Shop Products
Print Prices
Frame & Mounts
OK, let’s get the boring bit out-of-the-way (there aren’t too many so just hang in there)…

  • Groups of ladies under 16 must have an adult present during their shoot at all times.
  • Each session is for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 girls – too many divas in one place can be dangerous.
  • Even if you are in an older group and of a legal age for it, no alcohol is allowed at the shoot.
  • No other photography is allowed at the session – sorry girls, put those camera phones away!
  • Due to our studio space limitations, we recommend having only one adult/parent attending if possible. Our boutique studio has a great space for shooting but no other waiting areas.

Outfit Suggestions

  • Plain white t-shirts and blue jeans – it’s classic and timeless
  • Jeans and check shirts – (with or without cowboy hats as the mood takes you)
  • Pyjamas – (don’t forget your teddy bears)
  • Onesies – one up from the pyjamas, and why not be glamorous and comfy?
  • Neon Brights – any combination of anything that is super bright and funky
  • Black/White – wear all black or white with one different coloured accessory per person (a la JLS)
  • Prom Dresses – it’s really fun to bring along something a little more formal for one section of your shoot, all girls should have a little glamour!
  • Leggings and Baggy Tops – cool and chilled
  • School Jumpers/Uniform – well yes that does sound a bit weird but if you’re getting near to the end of your time at school with your girlfriends, it might be fun to look back and remember what you looked like when…
  • Hawaiian Cool – no you don’t have to wear grass skirts (unless you want to) but shorts and beach tops plus flower garlands is pretty and colourful
  • Winter Warm – the opposite of above, scarves, coats, hats and wellies.
  • Tiaras and Wings – well what girl doesn’t have an inner fairy waiting to burst out. Well some don’t, but if you do this could be a good option for you.
  • Anything else you can think of...

Half the fun of the experience is getting together with your friends and planning your outfits. Your experience includes up to four changes so you want to try to make the most of them and choose things that give you the biggest variety. The chances are that you’ll already have a load of stuff that will work, especially if you can get together and swap accessories etc so there’s no need to spend a fortune. The only limit is your imagination but some ideas that have worked well in the past include…

Engagement Photography
Planning is key!

Make sure you get together with your girlies to plan and co-ordinate your outfits. Before your parents start to stress about the cost of whole new outfits coming their way, you’ll probably already have a load of stuff that you look fabulous in and tons of accessories that you can share about so you don’t need to hit the shops (far be it from us to deprive a girl of her shopping fix though so sorry!)

Well it’s up to you, but keeping your hair down is usually best it will go with lots of different outfit styles (plus we can get the wind machine out to really get things moving if the mood should strike us).

You will have a bit of time when you’re changing to quickly put it up or give it a brush if you’d like to but don’t plan anything too elaborate or you’ll lose out on your studio time.

It’s a very personal thing is make up , some people like a little, some people like a bit a more. Everyone says that photographic light is very strong (which it is to a point) and that you’ll need extra make up if you’re not going to look washed out (which is true also to a point) but our advice is you may want to go about 10% heavier than you normally do but no more than that.

It’s a good idea to bring some powder with you to keep away any shine (oh yes, modelling is hard work) and a bit of lip gloss for touch ups, but as with the advice in the hair section, don’t plan complete changes or you’ll miss out on shooting time. One more thing, it’s a good idea to avoid face and body glitter as they don’t photograph well.

Feel free to bring along your iPhone, Android, MP3 loaded with the tunes you like to strut your stuff to, we have an iPod dock / Speakers in the studio and our own music selection, but can’t guarantee the play list will be to your liking 🙂
Yes, it’s true that a lot of fashion models survive on nothing more than fresh air and the occasional lettuce leaf but where’s the fun in that? If you’d like to bring along some snacks to graze on between changes, you’re welcome to.

You won’t have a lot of time, so don’t plan on bringing a whole meal but a few crisps or sweets might make sure you have the energy to keep sparkling daaahhling!

Engagement Photography

Being Fabulous and Having Fun!

Party photo shoot sessions are supposed to be fun! OK we’ll teach you some basic tricks of the trade but it’s not going to be all work, work, work. The most important thing is that you have a fabulous time, lots of giggles, and a birthday experience to remember. Sarah will help you every step of the way so you don’t need to worry if you’re not sure what to do, how to stand or strike a pose. Your inner goddess’ is sure to shine through in the final photos so just relax and enjoy.

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