Couple Photography in the StudioWhen you’re a couple and you have kids, it’s quite easy to focus on getting great images of just them or you as a family and you find that the years have gone by and there’s almost no photos of just the two of you.  The good news is that you can easily solve this problem by booking in for a “couple” photography session at VisualChaos Studios.  For just £26, you have the studio for an hour so you have time to go for a few different looks and sets – bring extra outfits, anything that you think represents you as a couple and of course the two of you and maybe a little romance (well you never know!).

This couple have been to us a few times for family pictures and with their new baby and older son and finally decided to take the plunge and book up without the kids.  We took loads of photographs, from romantic and dark through some fun and playful images and although I was very hard pressed to pick a favourite, I think this one just sneaked in just from the point of view of summing them up.  The man, all strong and macho and clearly in charge.  Yeah, right.


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