The health, safety, and welfare of our clients are of paramount importance.  So, while we are taking studio bookings for photographic work, please bear in mind that these may be subject to change if we feel our health and safety and that of our clients are likely to be compromised, or if government guidance is changed.

If you feel unwell with the symptoms of Covid-19, you MUST NOT attend your session. Please follow government guidelines and self-isolate. We reserve the right to cancel/postpone and re-arrange any session if we feel the safety of staff and clients is compromised at any time.

In cases where it is necessary for either party to reschedule a photoshoot, you will be invited to rebook at another time and transfer your booking accordingly.

The opportunity for Covid-19 to infiltrate our studios is limited as they reside on private grounds and so not accessible by the public, plus we only work by appointment. There is free parking on our driveway and so you don’t need to take any public transport in order to attend the studio.

On arrival to the studio space, we ask that you use the sanitization dispenser to cleanse your hands, this is compulsory.

At the moment, attendance at all photo sessions is limited to only the people directly involved in having their photos taken – and other people, are not permitted at this time. If children are being photographed, we would prefer to just have one parent at the session (unless you’re both planning on being in the photos) and in any case, other people will not be able to visit the studio to observe the session taking place. Noninvolved people will be asked to stay in the car.

For product photography sessions, you are asked to drop off the products following previous online discussions/briefings, etc, and then collect when the sessions are complete – details will be provided.

We don’t use sales or presentation meetings in order to show you your images – you view and order online from your private online gallery when they are ready.  This means that the only time you need to visit the studio is to actually have your photos taken.

Passport Photos – as these sessions are very brief – 5 minutes – we ask that following the picture being taken, that you return to your car and wait there for your pictures to be processed, we will then bring them to you and collect payment on our drive. This helps minimize the exposure of the studio to a possible infection.


Before and after every studio session the studio will be cleaned by using a disinfectant. All surfaces that could be touched – such as light switches, door handles, and taps – will be cleaned and all props used are sanitised.  The studio will be aired thoroughly in between sessions prior to cleaning to minimise any droplets in the air.

Sessions are by appointment only. Sessions will be booked with a 90-minute gap in between to give us plenty of time to carry out airing and cleaning tasks and to ensure that there is no contact between customers as they leave and arrive.

We will email you the day before your session to check that you are well and are not showing signs of Covid-19.  Obviously, if we have any Covid-19 symptoms, we will let you know and we will reschedule your session.  If you have any suspicion that you may have Covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms or receiving a positive Covid-19 test, then please let us know and we will reschedule your session.

There will be a contactless sanitiser dispenser at the entrance to the studio which you will be required to use and of course, we will do the same.  The studio also has soap and hot water.  We will wear a mask.  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide masks for visitors, but encourage you to wear one when not having your picture taken.

Every effort will be made to keep the required 2m social distance as advised at all times and so forgive us for not shaking your hand when you arrive – We will always be very happy to see you!  Where we would normally have stepped in to adjust posing, positions, and clothing, etc, we will ask you to do this for yourselves under our guidance.

There may be exceptions where social distancing will not be possible of course, as our studio spaces are not big.  Therefore, common sense will prevail, and we will turn our heads away and pass each other quickly and protectively as possible :) – Crazy times!

As we are sure you will too, we will be staying up to date with current government health advice which will govern our working practices.  Where we see an opportunity to take additional measures to improve our health and safety, we will, of course, take them to ensure that we are operating at the highest standards of practice. Hopefully it won’t be too long before Covid-19 progress can be made and such measure above can be relaxed.