Baby Photography Studio - East Grinstead

This handsome fellow paid his first visit to our studio last week for the first of his Joey Club baby photography sessions.  He smiled in lots of his photos and was generally very charming throughout but I think this was one of my favourite shots as it shows off his gorgeous baby blues to their best effect – honestly, the ladies are in so much trouble when this chap grows up!

We have some exciting changes that we are about to announce with Joey Club but one thing will always remain the same, we will offer great quality and specialist photography for babies aged 0 – 12 months in our cosy East Grinstead studio at fantastically competitive rates.  As we are not part of any national scheme, such as Cherubs, we are not restricted to the style of photography that we can offer, so if you are looking to capture your little one’s precious first year in a way that really reflects their growing personalities then just get in touch to find out more about our baby photography studio.