21648-0096 Well I have lots of families come to the studio looking to get a set of those elusive photographs where everyone is together, you know the ones – the ones you never seem to get because one of you is behind the camera or off somewhere else.  And it is lovely to be able to provide people with those memories.  This family, however, had a very special and important new member who was lovely although (and I know he won’t mind me saying this) slightly hairier than the average new edition.

Obviously his people were very lovely and they looked great in the photographs but somehow when I came to pick one for the blog, I was choosing between ones of Arty the Puppy.  Can’t imagine why – is it those big brown eyes, the furry moustache and beard, the pricked up ears?  I don’t know – guess it was the whole package. Anyway he won my heart, and reminded me that pets are family too (unless you have a pet spider, please don’t bring those to the studio. At least not if you want me to stay in the room with it). …Sarah