Family Photography – A Place in Your History

Family Photography – A Place in Your History

Family Photography A Place in Your HistoryMy mum bought some newly discovered portraits of her parents and grandparents over when she came to visit the other day.  I hadn’t ever seen pictures of that side of the family and even Mum had only seen one or two of them before but they had turned up when my Aunt had been doing research into her family tree. They were fascinating to see obviously on a personal level but photographically, I was struck by the simplicity of the poses and the beauty of the lighting.

I did wonder whether in our quest to always offer something new and different, we (and by we, I mean photographers in general) have lost sight of the point of portraiture. I’m not against the fashion for high key / white background portraiture, it has changed the face of studio portraits – creating fun from what was historically something of a forced ordeal.  It did make me wonder though, what will our great-grandchildren think when their mum turns up in the future with some long lost portraits of us doing star jumps against a bright white background – I have a feeling it will lack the impact.

Is there benefit in getting back to basics?  Food for thought for me anyway…

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