Family Photography Portraits in East Grinstead

Family Photography Portraits in East Grinstead

Tis the season – the season being Christmas (well nearly) – and it’s the most wonderful time of the year in the studio.  Lots of families come to visit to get photos for Christmas presents, and also to satisfy that early new year’s resolution to finally get some photos of everyone together.  The good thing about booking a studio session is that the studio is booked out for an hour so we have plenty of time to get lots of photos in different family combinations – some of the kids, some of mum and dad, some of everyone together…

Which is exactly what this family decided to do and a great family portrait session it was too.  We had lots of fun with the boys, who were supposed to be at that awkward age for photos but actually were completely fantastic and we even tricked dad into being a few shots too.

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