Family Portraits - What to Wear


The first thing that I see when I look at this portrait of two sisters that came into the studio recently is their cheeky smiles.  And there were lots of cheeky smiles during their session that’s for sure – they just lit up the studio.  They looked so gorgeous in their matching pink dresses and those dresses really served to show them off without distracting attention away from them in the finished photos.

One of the most common things that people ask when they have booked a family portrait session is what is the best thing to wear and there are a few bits of advice that we can give to get the best results from your photo shoot…

  • Keep it together – it’s worth spending a bit of time coordinating the outfits that everyone in your group is wearing.  They don’t need to match exactly (well that would be a bit strange) but try picking a colour, or sticking to all dark/all light tones.  That way, your eye isn’t drawn to the one person who is wearing something different in the finished image, or confused by everyone wearing clashing colours.  You can’t go wrong with keeping it simple, jeans and white / black t-shirts suit are just one idea that suit most age groups…  There’s plenty of time in a session for one change of outfit, so you can change your look.
  • Keep it simple – avoid bold logos, busy patterns and bold stripes – they date really fast and draw attention away from you in the photographs.
  • Keep it covered – of course it varies according to the look you are trying to create but generally it is best to keep arms and legs mostly covered.  Your eye will naturally be drawn to skin tones and you want the focus to really be on your faces, not so much on arms and legs.
  • Keep it practical – if you fancy a relaxed session where you will be sitting and lying down, or even jumping about, wear clothes that will allow you to comfortably do this without worrying that you’re flashing a little more than you mean to!
  • Keep it real – there’s no point creating a look in a group that really isn’t you.  The most important thing is that you be comfortable and confident that you are looking your best.