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Time Keeping and Attendence2014-01-14T20:30:04+01:00

We ask clients to be punctual, but please don’t get to the studio too early as we may still be working with clients from a previous session and may not be ready for you. We work in an open plan studio which means it is unlikely that we will not be able to allow you to wait inside the studio why we shoot with other clients. We always plan to finish a session within the booked time, so if you do arrive early you may be best to sit in the car until you see our previous clients leave or its gets to your booked time.

We will wait for clients for up to 20 minutes after the start of the session time booked, if you have not turned up by then or have not contacted us (spoken with us) we will have to assume you are not coming for whatever reason and the session will be cancelled by default.

If you have a problem finding the studio or know that you are going to be late please call us to let us know asap – the number is our office number 01342 716393. Email is often the best way to contact us as they will pop up on our mobile devices wherever we are or doing.

How long will my Session be2014-01-14T20:27:15+01:00

A photography session is booked for an hour unless otherwise specified, but we won’t use it all taking pictures.

With the baby and small child photography sessions, it is more likely that the session will be between 20 and 45 minutes, but with all sessions it depends on the subject’s ability to remain attentive and focused. We don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, it is not about how many pictures are taken, if the session is achieved in 10 minutes then we are done!

It is very common that babies will cry during a photography session or very young children will not be still or cooperative enough for us to take pictures. In these cases,  the best thing is to admit defeat and re-schedule the booking for another date and time. As a rule we tend to find babies and very young children are more attentive in the mornings / lunch time periods and usual not at the end of the day. So have a think about your little-one’s needs and behaviours patterns and pick a time that suits his/her routine.

What forms of payment do you use2014-01-14T20:24:35+01:00

We use the PayPal online gateway for processing credit cards, we are not able to take card payments over the phone or in any other way as we do not hold credit card processing facilities. By the way, you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay this way, the site will take the card details from you when you pay. Card processing is completed in the PayPal secure processing website, where they process £millions each day.

We can accept cheques for some session types but not all, please check with us first. Cheques are made payable to “VisualChaos Studios”. Cheques need to have cleared prior to processing your order or sessions. We do not accept Cheques for passport sessions.

Our preferred payment method is bank transfer, BACS or internet banking. Use this link for full bank details or our payment options. This is the cheapest payment option for us and in most cases the transfers these days are instant or same day, so it won’t hold up your order/session booking.

When and how to I pay2014-01-14T20:22:53+01:00

You pay for your photography session at the time you make your session booking request.

We do not accept credit/debit cards over the phone or at the studio, instead we use the PayPal gateway via the on-line shop in links on the website, to process Credit/Debit cards securely. PayPal is the most secure way of paying by credit/debit card available today in our opinion – you should never purchase by giving your credit card details to someone over the phone!

Our prices, packages and products (including Gift Experience/Vouchers) are shown in the Shop. If for some reason we are unable to confirm the Date/Time you have requested, we will either arrange another mutually agreeable Date/Time or if you prefer refund the session fee for you – this is our guarantee.

You are more than welcome to contact us initially to see if a date/time is free before paying (we will look at the same calendar that is available to you), but we will not be able to hold a date for you, as we work on a first come first served basis with regards to entries into the Online Studio Calendar, this way we avoid double-booking our time. If you would like to book over the phone, this isn’t a problem, we can enter the booking details for you, just get in touch. we will need a Name to book under, a contact phone number and an email address.

Why is my session booking only a request initially2014-01-14T20:18:47+01:00

There are two of us that shoot photography Sessions (Steve or Sarah), so we treat your entry in the calendar as a request initially because we need to determine who is the best photographer to shoot your session. The calendar may say the date/time is available but one of us may already be booked. We do our very best to keep the calendar up to date and accurate, but this is not always possible, particularly if we have been out the office for a few days.

A typical example may be that one of use is shooting a wedding on a Saturday and the other is available in the Studio so the calendar states the date/time is free. however, if it is a particular shot that requires the specific skills of the one who is shooting the wedding, we will get back to you and request that we find another date and time.