A photography session is booked for an hour unless otherwise specified, but we won’t use it all taking pictures.

With the baby and small child photography sessions, it is more likely that the session will be between 20 and 45 minutes, but with all sessions it depends on the subject’s ability to remain attentive and focused. We don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, it is not about how many pictures are taken, if the session is achieved in 10 minutes then we are done!

It is very common that babies will cry during a photography session or very young children will not be still or cooperative enough for us to take pictures. In these cases,  the best thing is to admit defeat and re-schedule the booking for another date and time. As a rule we tend to find babies and very young children are more attentive in the mornings / lunch time periods and usual not at the end of the day. So have a think about your little-one’s needs and behaviours patterns and pick a time that suits his/her routine.