We use the PayPal online gateway for processing credit cards, we are not able to take card payments over the phone or in any other way as we do not hold credit card processing facilities. By the way, you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay this way, the site will take the card details from you when you pay. Card processing is completed in the PayPal secure processing website, where they process £millions each day.

We can accept cheques for some session types but not all, please check with us first. Cheques are made payable to “VisualChaos Studios”. Cheques need to have cleared prior to processing your order or sessions. We do not accept Cheques for passport sessions.

Our preferred payment method is bank transfer, BACS or internet banking. Use this link for full bank details or our payment options. This is the cheapest payment option for us and in most cases the transfers these days are instant or same day, so it won’t hold up your order/session booking.