Your fashion shoot: beauty and fashion tips

You want to appear your best on your photoshoot. You know that the images will be seen by all your family and friends for many years. So we’ve collected some advice for you on beauty, fashion and photography.

  1. Work out your hairstyle in advance. Take a selfie or two to see how it looks on you. You still have access to book our own hair and makeup stylist anyway, but it is good to have an idea about what works for you.
  2. Don’t do anything major immediately before the shoot. No extreme hair cuts or hair colouring. You don’t want to be in the position where you don’t like your new look.
  3. Please no fake tans two weeks before your shoot. Fake tans need a long time to settle in. Fake tans do not come across very well in images and can leave the skin looking bad under studio light conditions.
  4. You should avoid big or whacky accessories. They will tend to detract from you in the images. Simple but sophisticated accessories work much better.
  5. Don’t forget the details, make certain your nails, hair and skin are all cared for. Drink plenty of water for the few days beforehand. Have a manicure close to the day. Don’t pick at spots, we will re-touch them away for you.
  6. Make up works very differently in pictures compared to in real life. You can book our knowledgeable make-up artist if you are unsure how to do this your self. She will make sure you look your finest.

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Booking is straight forward and easy!

  • Select the session type from my bookings page, there are several to chose from, but if you don’t see what you want get in touch and I will put it together for you.
  • Purchase the session via the online purchase process like you would for any internet purchase.
  • After checking out, go back to the booking page and use the Calendar link “BOOKING CALENDAR” at the top of the page to select a date and time for your shoot.
  • That’s it!


Remember! Your session fee includes ALL your final images digitally