Our brand new launched Fusion wedding service is now live and definitely kicking as proved at a recent wedding in the Hampton Court area.  With Sarah on still photography and Steve working on videography and drone footage, this is a great combination to tell the story of your wedding day.

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With our full wedding package we include a wedding film carefully and skillfully created from video shots and sound captured over the course of the day. We can even include drone footage too!

The style is very cinematic, like a movie, staring the bride and groom. We don’t shoot the old fashion wedding video and present you with hours of documentary footage that you are likely to only sit through once. The story for the film is shot by collecting key moments throughout the day up to your first dance, along with sound of course and when/where permitted, aerial images shot with our professional certified drones pilots.

There is no specific length to the film although the target length will range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Hollywood will shoot for 9-12 months with a huge team and multi cameras to produce just a 90 minute film, we have one day and it’s a wedding first and foremost, so content is king and the film length will reflect this.

In addition to the feature film, we have additional options to include full vows and speech coverage, edit and presentation. Plus a short 2-3 minute social media friendly trailer for your wedding film, fantastic to show family and friends and those you are connected to.

We call this our Wedding “Fusion” package, and includes wedding photography, wedding cinematography video film, drone coverage (subject to permissions and the weather), two professional creatives, along with a professional designer wedding album from Graphistudio.