crazy and different wedding car transport

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It’s always nice to make an entrance, especially on your wedding day so here are some ideas on how to get to your wedding with a degree of style…

1. VW Camper – OK, people have been hiring these out for wedding transport for a while but it had to get included because they are just so flipping cool!

2. Go all out with a Star Car – pictured here is Ecto1, the Cadillac ambulance from Ghostbuster.  It probably says more about my age than I wish it to but this one is a stunner. It’s undergone a £70,000 restoration and is available in the Redhill area from Star Car Hire. It is when I find things like this that I wish I wasn’t already married. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my husband but I definitely need another wedding so I can turn up in this little beauty.   They have lots of other cool models on offer as well, including Knightrider KITT car, the A Team Van, the original Ford from Life on Mars and too many others too cool to mention.

3. Don’t worry about parking at your ceremony venue, no-one will argue with you over a space if you have a monster truck. If they do, you can just park on top of them.  These guys at Big Truck Events are based in Guildford and have a number of stunning high impact vehicles for hire if you want to make a statement when you arrive.

4. Tuktuks are getting more popular in our large city centres and so it makes sense that you might choose one for your wedding transport if you are marrying somewhere where traffic and parking are a problem. I mean, honestly have you seen the size gaps these things can get through and park in – truly terrifying.  Tuktukhire are a Brighton based company who hire out these motorised buggies complete with a chauffeur for your wedding or special event.

5. Or you can just pimp your own car along a wedding theme.  There aren’t many cars that could take this level of kitsch but as an ex-SMART car driver, I can vouch for these being quirky enough.  You can only have one bridesmaid with you though.

Crazy and Different Wedding Car Transport
Crazy and Different Wedding Car Transport
Crazy and Different Wedding Car Transport

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