How to get ready for your boudoir photo shoot

When you’ve plucked up the courage and finally booked that boudoir photo shoot that you’ve been wanting to do for ages, it’s quite common for a little hint of butterflies to set in.   Here’s some tips on how to prepare for your shoot (and none of them involve losing weight.  You’re perfect as you are).

So as obvious as it sounds, it’s really important to get a good night’s sleep before your shoot and preferably two to ensure you are at your sparkly best for the event.  Lack of sleep will show in your eyes, even with great makeup so do whatever you need to do to get a full night of zzz’s.  Long hot baths, lavender oil, calming whale noises – whatever works for you. Anyway, this whole exercise is a marvellous excuse to really pamper yourself so you should maximise every opportunity.

Drink lots – water not alcohol.  Keep really well hydrated the week before your shoot to ensure you are you are at your most glowing and gorgeous.  Avoid the booze the night before, it is quite likely to interfere with the whole perfect night’s sleep thing anyway and you want to be all clear and sparkling eyed when you arrive at the studio.  Of course, celebrating your courage and modelling success when you’ve finished the session with something grape and fizzy… Well, that’s just good practice!

Fake tan – hmmm, well that’s a tricky one as I do understand that some folk just don’t feel dressed without one and some look fantastic.  However from a photographic point of view, even the greatest can be a complete nightmare to work with so if you can manage without one then I’d recommend keeping it au naturel.

On the subject of skin, exfoliation and moisturing is really key to getting smooth and picture perfect skin.  Plus it feels really good so there’s not really a downside – focus a couple of weeks before on exfoliating or dry body brushing and slather on that moisturiser when you’re done.  There’s tons of skin creams that you can buy and some of them have quite a hefty price tag. I’m not going to speculate on whether this means they work better but I’ll just say that baby oil works wonders too.

Don’t forget those hands and feet.  Hands will definitely be on show and there’s a chance you might be barefoot at points so treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure before your shoot. You don’t have to go to a salon for this (although if you’re looking for a reason for a little bit of a pampering then a photo shoot is as good as any if you ask me).  Just make sure you have clean filed nails with your favourite shade of polish if you’d like to add a little colour.

Plan, plan, plan – Pinterest is a great way of collecting up ideas for your looks then you can choose to shop your wardrobe or hit the stores to get everything you need to create your perfect looks on the day.  Don’t forget shoes, jewellery and any other accessories to complete your look – yep, you’ll probably end up arriving to your shoot with a sizeable suitcase but at least you know you’ll have everything you need.

Get Excited!  Once you’ve booked your shoot and done your planning, it’s my job to make sure you look and feel amazing.   So look forward to it, it’s going to be brilliant fun!