How to Get Real Genuine Smiles From Your Kids

How to Get Real Genuine Smiles From Your Kids

Children of certain ages can suddenly lose the power to grin without looking like some weird gargoyle off a church! (In fact some parents do too!). The tip to getting a genuine grin is to give them something they really laugh at.

Here are some things you can do:- 

  • Be ready to laugh yourself – and if needs be to totally act the idiot.
  • Remember what TV programs really make them grin.
  • It’s surprising how often Daddy doing something unfortunate works!
  • If they are old enough, do they tell jokes? Do they giggle at jokes?
  • For young kids, if they have a preferred toy the photographer can use it that in all sorts of ways to make them look and giggle.
  • If they like a particular song or rhyme, then either bring it on your smartphone or be prepared to sing it with them
  • Make a list of funny things and send it to us before the shoot, that way we can be armed and prepared.

We like to keep things fun and painless with children. We understand they switch moods from moment to moment. We will treat them with respect and generally mess around with them to help everyone get the last photograph.

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