Baby Photography 7 Months Old

This shot is my favourite from a recent session with this very beautiful little boy, or should I say it’s one of nearly 100 favourite pictures that I’ve spent the last half hour debating which one to include in this post.  His first Joey Club session was at three months and and those big blue eyes had already started to work their charms but in his second shoot (at just about 7 months) he really finished the job.

7 months is an ideal time for a second Joey Club session as, generally, your little one is lively and engaged with the world around them but they are not yet mobile. So we have the advantage of having all the fun in dressing up and generating all those gorgeous smiles as well as capturing all the little details, without having to worry about doing all the chasing!

We have a wide range of props and accessories to play with and, combined with anything that you’d like to bring along, we can create any number of different ‘looks’ for your little star.  And also, some shots in their birthday suit can be a great addition to your finished set of images.

We recommend that the final Joey Club session be when your child is about to reach their first birthday, and why not take a look at including a Cake Smash at the end of the photo shoot as a fun way to mark the occasion and round off the celebrations.