Joey Club is our free Baby Photography Scheme – you can find out all the details on www.sarahfisherphotography.co.uk but basically you receive 3 x free sessions in your baby’s first 12 months and one free digital image from each session that you can download and print yourself (as many times as you’d like).  Simple as that!  But lots of people ask us “what’s the catch?” So here’s the facts straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.  We’re really not hiding anything so I give you full permission to come and kick me as hard as you like in the shins if anything I say here isn’t true (and I’m not a freaky person who enjoys pain so you can trust me here!)

  • There is no studio viewing. You proof all your images online, we don’t make you come back to the studio, cry at pictures of your little one then sign you up to finance agreements or pressure you into spending more than you can afford.
  • There is no minimum spend.  Well, there just isn’t.
  • You can get your free image even if you don’t order more. We hope you love all your images and want to own them all cos that’s how we make our living. But we don’t hold you to it.
  • You can get your free image after each session. As soon as your images go online to your gallery, you can order your free image and its usually online within three working days. No waiting.
  • You can print your free image as many times as you want.  Your souvenir from each session free from us is a digital image which you can download. You can share it on Facebook, keep it on your phone, print it out and put it in a frame, print it on a mousemat, or all of the above – whatever takes your fancy.  No pictures in a leather folder from us you wait until the end of the year for. Although we can do those as well if you want them.

Think that covers about all the hidden catches that don’t exist with us so I’ll sign off. My shins I am confident will remain unbruised :) …Sarah