Little Brother, Big Sister - Love in the Photography StudioOK so in an ideal world, the two apples of your eye would be as close as peas in a pod (apparently writing blog posts before lunch time leads to me using a lot of food metaphors!).  But in reality instead of playing together angelically all the time, there is likely to be the odd squabble over toys, the occasional bop on the head with a Barbie if my girls were anything to go by, and a 50 /50 harmony to sulk ratio at best.

The good news is that a studio session lasts for just one hour and it is a new and interesting environment where they are getting all the attention that they could possibly dream of.  So rather than having to keep the peace through a careful regimen of buying two of everything, bribery, threats and occasional separation, it’s not so hard to get them smiling and laughing together for their photos.  I usually try and work in a few cuddles and kisses while we are at it as you should always make hay while the sun shines.  And hey presto, you have images of your little ones in the picture of filial love and affection and that is proof enough that it does exist!

Disclaimer: Displays of sibling bonding are not guaranteed to last after the leaving the studio.   But we know that when they’re old enough to appreciate having had a little brother or sister to love and play with when they were growing up they’ll appreciate having the pictures to prove it.