Portrait of Mum and Baby in the Photography Studio

This mum and baby photo is one of my favourites from a session in the studio that happened just after Christmas as, while every mum knows that kisses from your baby are not always elegant affairs, I really thought it captured the bond between them as they played.

This family have been with us under the Baby Photography Studio scheme for a year now and so this was there last session there although I really do hope that this isn’t the last that we see of them.  What’s been really nice is, for the last two sessions of their three, they have bought along grandparents too so everyone can get some photos with the newest family member.

Unlike the Cherubs scheme that some photographers are part of, all the family can be involved in a Joey Club sessions (we used to be part of Cherubs many years ago and decided it was too restrictive so we decided to create our own free club for professional photography for the under 12 months) and also when you book with Baby Photography Studio, you have the studio for an hour so thee is plenty of time to mix and match family groups at a relaxed pace and also, as this photo shows, plenty of time to share the love! …Sarah