Baby Blue Eyes in the Photo Studio

The first thing you really notice about this little cutie is those beautiful blue eyes!  I’m not saying the cheeky smile and perfect skin doesn’t play a part but I’m thinking that those sweet blue eyes will be setting girls pulses racing when he hits teenage years.  Little Leo was a star in the studio on his recent visit as part of the Joey Club scheme (that’s our free baby photography scheme for little cherubs aged 0 – 12 months – you can find out more about it here), and we had lots of fun making him smile for the camera.

His mum and dad bought along a variety of outfits for us to work with and that’s always a good idea as, as well as adding variety to your finished photo shoot images, some items of clothing work best in different lighting set ups and so it gives us the flexibility to try lots of different things.   If you’re not sure what to bring, then my advice would be to bring more than you think you will need and we can make some choices when you get to the studio.  Don’t forget that, if there is a special occasion coming up like Easter, a birthday or Christmas then themed outfits can add to the fun and also give you a great image to use for cards.