Maternity Photography in the Studio

Always lovely to see this family in the studio – we first met our mum to be at her brother’s wedding more years ago than I care to admit to and since then we’ve been at her wedding, family events, the pregnancy with her first baby and of course involved in capturing her little girl as she grows.  We can’t wait to meet the ‘bump’ – not long to wait now!

There’s quite a variety of ways that we can approach maternity sessions in the studio – we can shoot low key (ie against a black background) which offers a more contemplative and sensual session – with either the mum alone or with a partner. This was a high key, more high energy session, involving the whole family and capturing the dynamic between them and the newest family member.  You can choose one or the other or mix and match – maternity sessions also make great gifts.  Click on this maternity photography link to book a session for yourself or on the Gift Certificate link to buy a maternity session for a friend or family member.