Crawling Babies in the Portrait Studio


When little ones get mobile, studio photography sessions can be energetic affairs.  After all, why would you want to sit still and have pictures when you have just mastered a very exciting set of skills that give you access to all sorts of cool new stuff?  Luckily, we are wise to the ways of the almost toddler and have lots of strategies and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your session. Here’s some of our top tips…


  • Try and book the session when your little one has eaten and napped. That way they are more likely not to get grumpy when they are put in different situations and be a lot more tolerant of what we are asking of them.
  • Try not to give them too much in the way of sweets or sugary food before the session as the rush will make it harder for them to settle. Much the same way as it does to me after too many Tangfastics :)
  • Keep the energy levels fairy muted during the session – the fun of being ‘flown’ or chased onto a cushion generally just leads to a keenness to get off it quickly so they can play the game again.
  • Always carry them to where you would like them to sit and place them down rather than encouraging them to find it themselves. I love that children want to explore but at the beginning of the session, we don’t want them to feel too adventurous.
  • Favourite toys can be a great distraction but you have to accept that seeing is wanting when you are little and so don’t bring anything that you aren’t happy to have in at least some of the pictures.
  • If parents are going to involved in the session, then we always shoot your child first whilst they are most likely to stay still and then add in Mum and Dad when they are starting to get fidgety so that they can be cuddled, cajoled and distracted into joining in the photographs.
  • When we’ve run out of interesting things to keep your child occupied, we move to the ‘action’ section of the session where you are guaranteed to see lots of smiles as they are finally allowed to crawl around and stretch their legs.
  • Don’t worry if your little one doesn’t settle at everything we put down for them to sit on / lay on / cruise round. No-one would expect them to and we always have lots of different ideas to try.
  • Don’t worry. Fullstop. You know how it is, you get stressed, your child gets stressed. We are very used to working babies and small children and we aren’t phased by much any more. It would be a rare day indeed when we don’t get any pictures of even the most active little soul…
And finally, sometimes we resort to subterfuge. For example, our perfectly posed little chap above is actually having his legs held steady by Dad who is crouching down behind the chair. Oh yes, we are not above dirty tricks…